Here you can find an overview of some of the most popular gay prides 2023 in Europe!

Why Gay Prides?

As mentioned in our other article about gay prides, there are many reasons why there are gay pride events and celebrations around the world. One of the primary reasons is to celebrate and promote LGBTQ+ visibility, rights, and acceptance. Historically, the LGBTQ+ community has faced discrimination, violence, and oppression. Gay pride events, which started as protests and demonstrations for LGBTQ+ rights, were a way to challenge the status quo and demand equality and justice. Today, they serve as a way to celebrate the progress that has been made towards LGBTQ+ equality, while also recognizing the work that still needs to be done.


gay pride 2022 vancouver
People holding huge rainbow flag at the Vancouver Gay Pride parade.

Here are the following cities with their Gay Pride 2023 season celebration!

Gay Pride Vienna (Vienna Pride 2023)

(June 1 – 18)

From the 1st of June till the 18th of June the annual Gay Pride Vienna will take place. In addition to, the Rainbow Parade on Saterday the 17th, the Vienna Pride also includes a variety of cultural, social, and political events, such as concerts, film screenings, workshops, and political discussions. These events aim to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issue and promote tolerance and acceptance. the Parade as its main highlight, along with other activities to commemorate the visibility of the community in today’s society. There will also be various parties and events to let the attendees feel welcomed and occupied throughout the celebration.

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Gay Pride London (Pride in London 2023)

(June 30 – July 2)

Organized since 1972 the gay pride in London, officially called Pride in London, is one of the oldest gay prides of Europe. On the 2nd of June, 2022, Saturday, the annual Gay pride London will officially start. This will be the celebration to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of LGBT visibility within the UK society. There will be marches and gay parades to strengthen and empower gay rights even in a monarchy country like the United Kingdom. Moreover, the parade will start from Green Park and will end at the Great Scotland Yard.

These events will highlight the discussion of equal protection for LGBT+ communities, anti-crime protection, alteration of homophobic mindsets, and even racism. HIV or AIDS will also be discussed, along with a memorial for the members who lost their lives to this disease that still haunts and stigmatizes the community.

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Gay Pride Barcelona (Barcelona Gay Pride 2023)

(July 14 – July 15)

The Barcelona Gay Pride 2023 celebration will surely be a blast. It will be celebrated from the 13th of June to 26th, 2022, with several events to be offered to the attendees. For this year, there will be drag queens’ day, invited international DJs to hype up parties, main stage, pride dance, parade party, pride village, and the iconic high heels parade, which is their best way of commemorating the rights of gay communities around the world. There will also be other events, especially blast parties, to hype up the crowds!

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Gay Pride Lisbon (Lisbon Gay Pride 2022)

(June 19 – 26)

Up next is the Gay Pride Lisbon 2022, which is set to be celebrated from June 19-26, 2022. There will be onsite and online activities to entertain visitors from the city or other parts of the world. Day and night parties will also be hosted, so everyone must be prepared for a hard and all-night-long celebration. There will be a parade on the 19th of June, 2022, at 6 pm for the main highlight.

The parade is expected to be joined by gays and other members of the LGBT+ community. It will start at Praca do Marques de Pombal and will end at Praca dos Restaurodores. Secure one of our gay-friendly hotels in Lisbon during your stay at the Gay Pride Lisbon 2022.

Gay Pride Paris (Paris Pride 2022)

(June 25)

Paris will be hosting the annual Gay Pride Paris 2022, and it will be full of glam and elegance. The target and set date for this year’s celebration is the 25th of June, 2022. It is expected that this year will be a blast since the Gay Pride Paris 2021 was canceled due to COVID-19.

As the safety this year is way better than last year, Paris promises to have a one-of-a-kind gay commemoration and celebration. There will be a whole new level of parties, performances, parades, and other events. Although there is still no formal announcement yet, it is expected that this year will be a good one!

gay pride 2022 paris
Everyone is welcome at the Gay Pride in Paris.

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Gay Pride San Francisco (San Francisco Pride 2022)

(June 25 – 26)

San Francisco is a well-known city in California, and it gratefully announces its annual celebration of Gay Pride San Francisco 2022 on June 25 and 26. This two-day celebration will be hosting a parade on the last day at 10:30 in the morning. There will also be stands for merchandise shopping, such as shirts, bags, mugs, and other else.

The director offers seat tickets for the grandstand for a good parade view. This is to help the celebrants feel comfortable while having a good time in their lives. Also, there will be Dykes on Bikes, who will be the frontrunners of the annual parade.

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Gay Pride Berlin (Berlin Pride Month 2022)

(June 28 – July 24)

The expected crowd to celebrate Gay Pride Berlin 2022 is around 500.000; there will be a total blast throughout the months of June and July to celebrate the gay community. In Berlin, it is expected to be tagged as the largest celebration in Germany and Europe. There’s no doubt about that since Berlin is home to huge pride parties.

In the month of June, Berlin will be hosting Berlin Pride Month 2022 parades from Kurfustendamm to Bradenburg. It will be closed by a live concert with exciting guests and special stars. Other than that, there will also be gay events, film screenings, and pride boat parties. Attendees surely need the party and gay spirit to make it through!

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gay pride 2022 brussels
gay pride 2022 madrid

“All over Europe you can celebrate being gay, being different and being proud! Pick one of the many great gay prides in Europe!”

Gay Pride Madrid (Madrid Pride 2022)

(July 1 – 10)

Madrid also has its own Madrid Pride 2022 celebration, which offers unique events and programs for the gay community celebration. The celebration will start on the 1st to the 10th of July. During this almost two-weeks celebration, there will be a Madrid Pride Parade to formally open the celebration, as well as other cultural and entertainment events. The celebrations will mostly happen between Atocha Train station to Plaza de Colon.

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Gay Pride Amsterdam (Pride Amsterdam 2022)

(July 30 –August 7)

Amsterdam is such a thriving and welcoming capital making it no doubt to welcome the gay community. For this year’s annual Gay pride celebration, Amsterdam will host a month-long celebration from the 30th of June and end on the 7th of August. There will be weekend-long street parties, circuit parties wherein guys will be strolling around, and the much-awaited Canal Parade held at the historic Unesco Amsterdam Canals.

Look out for the Pride Park opening party of the Pride Amsterdam 2022 on the 30th of July at Vondelpark to enjoy exciting rides, leisure activities, and more. Following that is the Milkshake Festival, which requires open-minded individuals to enjoy it. This is a two-day dance festival, so be prepared with your dance moves! Next, there will be a Canal Parade on the 5th of August and the Funhouse at GasHouder. The celebration will be closed through a Rapido event and the Pride Closing Party.

gay pride 2022 amsterdam
The Canal Parade during the Gay Pride in Amsterdam is just legendary.

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Gay Pride Reykjavik (Reykjavik Pride 2022)

(August 2 – 7)

Iceland may be claimed to as a neutral and silent country, yet it also provides blast celebrations like the much-awaited Gay Pride Reykjavik 2022. This event is an annual celebration of the participation and visibility of gay communities in Iceland. And they have a lot to offer!

First, the opening ceremony will be held on the 2nd of August, 2022, at the Reykjavik Art Museum. This is one of the biggest night celebrations to be held in Iceland, and a lot of people are expected to come. There will be pride speeches, music, parties, drag queens, special guests, and more!

Next is the Pride Ball, which is yet to be confirmed. Still, it is one of the most exciting enders of the celebration as the gay members will be dressing the way they want as a form of expression and show-off. During this event, there will be blast music and performances.

Another thing, there will be the annual Reykjavik Parade which is set to be celebrated on the 6th of August, 2022. It will be the main event of this year’s celebration, and it will start at exactly 2 pm. The route of this parade starts from Taekniskolinn towards Skolavoroustigur to Laugavegur to Bankastaerti to Frikirkjuvegur to Soleyjargata and will formally end at Hljomaskalagarour.

Lastly, there will be the Pride Festival which is the after-party of the parade. In the same venue, there will be programs that include performances of local and international personalities, drag queens, live performances, DJs, and more.

Overall, it is expected that almost 200.000 visitors will be celebrating this year’s Gay Pride Reykjavik 2022. Therefore, already book your gay-friendly hotel in Reykjavik.

Gay Pride Copenhagen (Copenhagen Pride 2022)

(August 13 – 21)

Copenhagen is such a wonderful city where the public and the government warmly welcome LGBT+ communities. This is why the annual Gay Pride Copenhagen 2022 will be well-hosted by the city. Although the pride month is in June, Copenhagen set the dates for the celebration from the 13th of August to 21, 2022.

The main event, which is the Gay Parade, will be held on the 20th of August, the day before its official closing. For the events and facilities, the celebration will have cafes and restaurants exclusively for the visitors and celebrants, as well as bars to party all night. There will also be clubs and parties, saunas, cruising, shops, and the Gay Copenhagen site.

All of these will be available throughout Copenhagen, so every visitor, may it be local or not, is warmly welcomed to have good times! Already book a gay-friendly hotel in Copenhagen.

Gay Pride Belgrade (Europride 2022)

(September 12 – 18)

Belgrade sets the date of the Gay Pride Belgrade on the 12th of September to 18. This is due to the French Embassy being the organizer of this event, and so with the consent of the European Council in Serbia, the date was set later compared to the common dates of other cities.

Still, the Gay Pride Belgrade 2022 will be having blast celebrations, parties, and parades to make the gay community feel welcomed and appreciated.

Plus, since it is the city’s first time organizing such kind of events, the organizers promise that it will be a relevant and timely celebration to reduce discrimination, hate, and violent crimes victimizing LGBTQ members. There will also be discussions and marches to highlight the eradication of hate towards the community, as well as to teach other people to learn and respect these individuals.

gay pride 2022 belgrade
The Belgrade gay pride has been a struggle, but they continue to celebrate their true nature.

Conclusion Gay Pride 2022

Through these annual Pride celebrations from different cities around the world, the gay community can feel welcomed, loved, appreciated, and protected. It is also a relevant event as it serves as a platform to be yourselves.

Overall, these celebrations aim to empower the gay community to be better individuals in society. Through these, we are given a chance to come out of their shells with pure strength and courage.