Manchester is one of the most famous cities in the United Kingdom and has a long history. The city has transformed itself from a gray industrial city into a modern, trendy city with many sights, a rich cultural program and many great restaurants and bars. Manchester has a large, active gay scene. Most gay bars, pubs and clubs are located in Canal Street and Richmond Street close to the Alan Turing Monument.



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The Velvet Hotel

The Velvet Hotel in Manchester, UK, offers a unique experience in the heart of the city. This hotel sits in the famous Canal Street area, known for its dynamic atmosphere and cultural diversity. It's ideal if you want easy access to various attractio

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ABode Manchester

ABode Manchester is a hotel in Manchester, UK. It stands in the city center, making it a convenient location for exploring the area. The hotel is close to Piccadilly Station, just a five-minute walk away. This makes it easy for you to travel around the city and beyond. The hotel offers a range of facilities. These include comfortable rooms, a restaurant, and a bar. You have access to free Wi-Fi
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Roomzzz Manchester City

Roomzzz Manchester City, UK, stands in the heart of Manchester. This hotel puts you in a prime location for exploring the city. You'll find it on the corner of Princess Street and Whitworth Street. This position makes it easy for you to access various tourist attractions. Just a short walk away, you can visit the Manchester Art Gallery. It's about 0.3 miles from the hotel. The Manchester Centra
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DoubleTree by Hilton Manchester Piccadilly

DoubleTree by Hilton Manchester Piccadilly sits in the heart of Manchester, UK, offering easy access to various attractions and amenities. This hotel places you close to Manchester Piccadilly Station, just a short walk away, making travel around the city convenient. You will find the Manchester Art Gallery and the Science and Industry Museum nearby, offering cultural experiences within a few minut
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The Ascott Hotel

The Ascott Hotel in Manchester offers a comfortable stay in the heart of the city. This hotel sits in Eccles, a suburban area. It is close to key attractions. The Manchester United Football Ground is nearby, under 4 miles away. For museum enthusiasts, the Imperial War Museum North is about a 10-minute drive. The hotel has various facilities to meet your needs. You can expect free Wi-Fi across t
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Motel One Manchester Piccadilly

Motel One Manchester Piccadilly, situated in Manchester, UK, stands in the city's heart near Piccadilly Station. This location makes it easy for you to explore Manchester. The hotel offers a range of facilities, including free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk, and a bar. The rooms are comfortable, with flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms. You find the hotel close to several tourist attractions. It
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Cove Minshull Street

Cove Minshull Street, located in Manchester, UK, offers you a comfortable stay in the heart of the city. This hotel sits in the Northern Quarter, known for its creative and cultural scene. You will find yourself close to major tourist attractions. The Manchester Art Gallery is just a 10-minute walk away, showcasing a diverse collection of artworks. Also nearby is the National Football Museum, appr
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The Midland

The Midland in Manchester, UK, is a renowned hotel with a rich history. It sits in the heart of Manchester, an ideal location for exploring the city. The hotel is close to Manchester Central Library, only a five-minute walk away. You can also easily reach the Manchester Art Gallery and the Science and Industry Museum, both within a 10-minute walk. This hotel offers various facilities to enhance
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New Union Hotel

The New Union Hotel in Manchester, UK, offers a comfortable stay in the heart of the city. Located in Manchester's famous Gay Village, this hotel places you right in the center of a dynamic area known for its inclusive and diverse community. The hotel is just a short walk from Manchester Piccadilly Station, making it convenient for travelers. You can find basic but essential facilities at the N
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Macdonald Manchester Hotel

Macdonald Manchester Hotel stands in Manchester, UK, near the city center. This location puts you close to several tourist attractions. A notable one is the Manchester Art Gallery, just a 20-minute walk away. The Museum of Science and Industry is also nearby, about a 25-minute walk. You can easily reach the Manchester Cathedral within a 15-minute drive. This hotel offers a range of facilities.


  • What are the main attractions of Manchester?
  • Manchester is a famous city in Northern England. It is also known as the city of the two rivers and the city with the two towers. Various attractions have made Manchester a travel destination. Why not take a visit to Manchester?
    Manchester is a city in the North of England, on the River Irwell. The city dates from the Middle Ages, but its name derives from the Roman fort Mamucium which was built around 79 AD. The city is the largest in the North of England and is the most popular to visit in the region. There are a number of attractions to visit and things to do.
    Manchester in England is a great place for Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender travellers. It is a city with a large gay population, and there are many places to visit and things to do in Manchester, but you need to know where to look. There are some hidden gems that most people don’t know about.
    Manchester is a city in North West England with some of the UK’s most popular visitor attractions, including the world-famous Manchester United Soccer team. The city has been transformed from an industrial powerhouse to a modern, cosmopolitan centre for the arts, culture, and sport since the turn of the 21st century. Perhaps the most iconic site in Manchester is the Manchester United Soccer stadium, Old Trafford, where generations of fans have witnessed some of the most famous moments in the history of British football.

  • Which hotels are near the main attraction in Manchester?
  • There are many reasons to visit Manchester, but it’s always best to be prepared if you’re planning a trip there. The city is a top tourist spot for a reason – there’s always something new to do or explore. You’ll find the city center packed with attractions, but there are still some hidden gems that you can’t miss. The central shopping area is a popular destination, and it’s where you’ll find the popular Manchester Arndale shopping center.

    There are so many hotels near the main attraction in Manchester you’re spoilt for choice. Rather than going for the obvious choice of the Hilton, or a more affordable Travelodge, you might like to try the Arena Hotel, which is based right next to the stadium. This independent hotel is one of Manchester’s most gay friendly hotels, and it’s just a 10-minute walk from the main attraction in Manchester.

  • Which museums can I visit in Manchester?
  • Manchester has several small, independent museums, which are also excellent places to visit for any tourist. The Museum of Science and Industry houses a vast collection of fascinating exhibits, including a Spitfire plane, a steam locomotive, and a Victorian classroom. There is also a planetarium and a motor museum. The Manchester Art Gallery houses a large collection of paintings and sculptures.
    The People’s History Museum is an excellent, free museum with collections that include the story of the 1984-85 miners’ strike. Manchester has a lot to offer in the way of attractions. Besides the football and the shopping, there are some cultural aspects that make Manchester a very interesting city to visit. The city is home to museums and galleries that feature art and history that will appeal to all kinds of visitors.
    Manchester is a popular place to live for LGBT people. Manchester has a lot to offer to LGBT people, including an active LGBT community and many gay bars and gay friendly venues. Manchester is a popular gay holiday destination. Manchester is home to two gay pride festivals. If you want to get involved in the Manchester Pride festival, you will have to sign up to be a volunteer. The volunteer programme attracts thousands of people every year.

  • In which area can you find the most bars & restaurants in Manchester?
  • Manchester, with its mix of fabulous bars, hidden gems, cocktail dens, and a burgeoning gay scene, is a place that any cocktail enthusiast should visit. Manchester is also home to a fantastic theatre scene and some of the UK’s most famous football teams. The city of Manchester is located in North West of England, and it is the most populous city in the United Kingdom after London.
    Manchester is a top gay-friendly travel destination and is known for its history, museums, bars, and restaurants. The city has a rich and vibrant gay scene, and the Manchester pride festival is one of the biggest in Europe. Welcome to Manchester! If you know the place well, you probably know where the most popular bars and restaurants are to visit. If not, we’ve got you covered! We’ve found the most popular and well-known restaurants and bars that you can find in Manchester; the places that will give you that real ‘Manchester feel.’ You’ll find bars that have some of the best cocktails in the city and restaurants that serve the best food. The most important thing? They’re all gay-friendly!

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