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Top 10 gay friendly hotels at stunning destinations

It is fun to travel both within and outside Europe. To find a suitable hotel might be a challenge as a gay traveller. First of all it might be important to be close to attractions such as the proximity to gay venues. Travelling is not only about to explore a new destination, but also to get acquainted with the local gay scene. Most gay travellers also appreciate quality hotels. What does a hotel like, how clean are the rooms, what about the facilities. Besides, and that might be the greatest challenge at some destinations, it is important to know about the tolerance of the hotel regarding gay travellers.

It is nice to feel at home in a hotel and to be treated with respect, both by the hotel staff as well as by other hotel guests. Therefore it is important to see if the staff accepts homosexuality and respects it. At HotelsForGays we have tried to select hotels that fit all three criteria. We prefer hotels that meet all criteria, but some might find one criteria more important that the other ones. At the selected gay friendly hotels you can see by the tags GAY LOCATION, GAY STANDARDS, GAY FRIENDLY and GAY ONLY which criteria a hotel fits. This concerns our review of the hotel from our point of view.