Madrid is one of the most popular gay destinations in Europe. This is due to the open, tolerant atmosphere and a well-developed gay scene. In addition, Madrid is a beautiful city with many touristic attractions and museums. In the Chueca district, you can find most of the over 200 gay bars, clubs and shops of Madrid. This district is located close to the city center of Madrid. If you book a hotel near, or in the Chueca district or near the Gran Via, you are assured of an excellent location to explore both Madrid and Madrid’s gay scene.



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Axel Hotel Madrid

The Axel Hotel Madrid is located in the city center of Madrid and is a perfect starting point from which to explore both the gay scene and the tourist attractions of Madrid. From the hotel it is a 15-minute walk to the popular gay district Chueca's a

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Petit Palace Chueca

Hotel Petit Palace Ducal Chueca is located in the heart of Madrid's Chueca district. Many gay bars, cafes and clubs are within walking distance of the hotel. Within a couple of minutesyou can walk to Enfrente, Kavu Next and Hot, but also Rick's and Zarpa are very close to Petit Palace Ducal Chueca. Of course Madrid has more to offer than a great gay scene. Due to the central location of the hotel
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Catalonia Gran Vía

Set in a beautiful historic building, hotel Catalonia Gran Via is an excellent choice for your stay in Madrid. The hotel is situated close to many touristic attractions and from the hotel it is only a ten minute walk to Chueca, the gay area of Madrid. In this area you will many trendy shops and restaurants and of course plenty of gay and gay friendly bars and clubs. The hotel offers fantastic faci
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Room Mate Oscar

Room Mate Oscar is centrally located in Madrid's gay district, just in between subway stations Chueca and Via Grande. The hotel's location is perfect for visiting the historic buildings, excellent museums and many boutique shops in central Madrid during the day, and to discover Madrid's extensive gay scene in the evening and night. Just steps away from Room Mate Oscar you will find gay bars Zarpa
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7 Islas Hotel

The 7 Islas Hotel is situated close to many shops, sights and places of interest and gay ventures in Madrid. This hotel is a frequently booked hotel due to its central location, the friendly & helpful staff and the clean, well designed rooms. The standard rooms are on the small side, but the penthouse is spacious and has a private terrace. The 7 Islas Hotel is a few minutes' walk from Gran Via
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Hotel Infantas by MIJ

Also Hotel Infantes is situated at an excellent location in the city center of Madrid. Close to this popular hotel you will find several subway stations such as Banco de Espana and Chueca. From these subway stations it is easy to travel to most of Madrid's attractions. Just steps away of Hotel Infantas you will find the nearest gay bar, Griffin's. Several other gay venues are just like Griffin's l
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Vincci Vía – 66

Vincci Via 66 is located at a great location in Madrid. In less than 10 minutes you can walk from the hotel to the Royal Palace of Madrid and to the famous gay area of Madrid, Chueca it is a 15 minute walk. By public transport it will take you 15 minutes as well via subway station Plaze de Espana or subway station Gran Via. The hotel offers a variety of rooms, the standard rooms are quite spacious
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Gran Versalles

Hotel Gran Versalles offers excellent value for money, although slightly further away from downtown Madrid, it is still very easy to explore Madrid and its attractions. Via subway station Alonso Martinez, which is only 200 meters away from the hotel, you travel in no time to almost every desired location. To the popular gay venues in Chueca, it is approximately a 15 minute walk. The hotel offers d
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Francisco I

Just steps away from the Royal Palace of Madrid you will find hotel Francisco I. Guests of the hotel especially appreciate the great values for money, the excellent location and the friendly and helpful staff. The rooms of Francisco I are clean, well equipped and have a modern design. From subway station Opera it will take you less than 15 minutes to travel to subway station Chueca in the heart of
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Hotel Fenix Gran Meliá

The Gran Melia Fenix is located in the Salamanca district, close to Madrid's city center. Salamanca is one of Madrid's most luxurious neighborhoods, that is why you will find here many high end shops and brands. The Gran Melia Fenix offers many different types of rooms, the rooms are very spacious and equipped with many comforts including free internet. In addition, the hotel has a several restaur



Westin Palace Hotel


H10 Villa de la Reina


Hotel Urban


Abalú Boutique & Design Hotel


  • What are the most important holidays & closing days?
  • Aside from the regular religious holidays, some of the important holidays include Labour day, Day of Madrid, National Day of Spain, and Constitution Day. In celebration of these holidays, public offices and even businesses are either closed or will be open on reduced hours. It is also important to note that many businesses will be closed during the regional and national holidays observed in the country.

  • What is the best time to travel to Madrid?
  • Madrid is a great place to visit at any time of the year. But if you are talking about the weather, then the best time to visit Madrid is in the summer, from May through September. Why? Well, the city has an average temperature of 65°F (18°C) in the summer. There is always a chance of rain, but the rain seldom lasts long.

  • What are the general opening and closing hours of shops/museums?
  • The majority of the museums around Madrid open from 10 am – 7 pm or sometimes until 8 pm on Tuesdays through Sundays. Although most of these museums are closed during Mondays, there is an exception to these scheduled operating hours. Some of them are closed either on Sundays or Tuesdays, while others remained all throughout the week.

  • How far is the nearest airport from Madrid?
  • Airports in the world are notorious for being far from the cities they serve. Madrid Airport is no exception, being way out in the outskirts of the city. If you are in Madrid City Centre, your location is 12 kilometers away from this airport. Madrid Airport or the Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport is thus the second largest in the region, with several international airlines serving it, including low-cost carriers such as Ryanair. However, if you are traveling to Madrid without a budget airline ticket, the best way to get to and from Madrid is by bus.

  • How do I get from the airport to my hotel?
  • The airport is located near the center of Madrid. It will take around 15-20 minutes to get to the center of the city, where we assumed your hotel is located from the airport. The easiest way to get to the center of the city is to take the metro. There is also Airport express train which takes about 20 minutes to get to the Airport.

  • Is it easy to use public transport in Madrid?
  • Transportation in Madrid has a multitude of options, including the metro, buses, trams, and commuter trains. Regardless of which form of transportation you choose, however, there’s no denying that entering the metro station is a tedious process. As you’re waiting for the ticket collector to announce the next train, each new arrival causes the queue to move forward a little, slowly making you feel that you’re getting somewhere. And all you want to do is get to your destination so you can get home and into bed.

  • Is it easy to get a taxi in Madrid?
  • The most common way to get a taxi in Madrid is to call a taxi company. This is the case even if you hail a taxi on the street. It is important to know that you are going to have a conversation with the driver, so pick up a card with the company’s phone number. The company will call you back and tell you when to pick up the taxi. They will usually pick you up in front of the airport or train station. Their calling system is not really the best, so if you want to know if they will be on time, ask someone else.

  • What are the main attractions of Madrid?
  • Madrid is a city that’s full of art and culture, and this is reflected in its museums and monuments, which are famous worldwide. You can tour the Royal Palace and the National Archaeological Museum, visit the Prado and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and get to see works of art by all the greatest artists. The city is also home to the Royal Alcazar (Royal Castle) and the Royal Gardens. The Palacio Real is a stately complex of buildings in the Plaza Mayor that houses the Royal Family.

  • Which hotels are near the Royal Palace?
  • This is the Spanish Royal Palace, one of Spain’s most important buildings, and it’s home to the Queen and King. The palace’s central courtyard is a beautiful place to visit at night when the palace is lit up, and the views from the balcony are incredible. The gay friendly hotels that are near are Westin Palace Hotel, Francisco I Hotel, and Vincci Vía – 66 Hotel.

  • Which museums can I visit in Madrid?
  • Madrid is full of history and culture, and most of the highlights are free to see. The most important museums you should visit is the Museo Nacional del Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. These three are popularly known as Madrid’s Golden Triangle of Art Museums. If you’d like to see even more, though, then Argentina’s National Museum of Roman Art is well worth visiting. Set in Madrid’s Plaza de Colon, the museum is full of ancient Roman relics and contains a huge selection of artifacts from the city’s past.

  • In which area can you find most bars & restaurants?
  • Gay-friendly bars and restaurants are not just for the out-and-proud—they’re also a great way to find and enjoy fantastic places that cater to your interests. If you’re a fan of sports, local bars like the Maracana Stadium and Estádio do Maracanã are likely to have the game on TV. If you prefer jazz, the city is home to several clubs and lounges and can often be found at the Recanto das Cabeceiras art gallery. Even if you’re a local, finding a hidden gay-friendly bar or restaurant can be an adventure.

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