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Cologne is after Berlin the city in Germany with the largest gay community. Due to this large gay community you will find many gay bars, clubs and shops in Cologne. The gay pride of Cologne is one of Europe’s biggest prides. The gay scene is roughly divided into two areas, around the Rudolfplatz and near the Heumarkt. Besides a fantastic gay scene, Cologne has a lot to offer in the field of culture, history and shopping as well.


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Lindner Hotel City Plaza

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kkkkkkkkkkkkThe Lindner Hotel City Plaza is an excellent hotel in central Cologne, not far from subway station Friesenplatz. The hotel offers spacious rooms and extensive facilities such as an excellent restaurant, a wellness center and a gym. From the hotel it

Lindner Hotel City Plaza Hotels for Gays Cologne Reading Area Lindner Hotel City Plaza Hotels for Gays Cologne Reading Area
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HOPPER Hotel St. Antonius

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HOPPER Hotel St. Antonius Hotels for Gays Cologne Lobby
The HOPPER Hotel St. Antonius is a stylish hotel set in a beautiful historic building in the north of Cologne's Old Town. The hotel is conveniently located in terms of public transportation, making it easy to explore the city. The Friesenplatz is about 3 km from the hotel and the Heumarkt is a twenty-minute walk, a nice walk along the river Rhine. The boutique hotel offers either single or double
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Steigenberger Hotel Köln

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Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom Hotels for Gays Cologne Bar
Spacious rooms, good facilities and a central location relative to the gay scene and several touristic attraction. This is why the Steigenberger Hotel Köln is one of our favorite hotels in Cologne. To the Schaafenstrasse is just a 5-minute walk, in this street you will find several gay bars such as IRON, Die Mumu and ExCorner. To the other gay area in Cologne, around the Heumarkt is a walk of twe
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Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom

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Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom Hotels for Gays Cologne Room
The Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom is a luxurious hotel located next to Cologne Cathedral. The hotel has spacious rooms equipped with stylish classic furniture, a Michelin star awarded restaurant, a gym, a sauna (which can be used free of charge) and friendly and helpful staff. In addition to the Dom, there are several other attractions such as the Museum of Applied Art within walking distance of th


  • Why travel to Cologne?
  • Cologne is one of the prominent cities in Germany, which is perfect for gay travel. In fact, this city became a famous tourist destination because of its numerous gay-friendly hotels within the city and even across its neighborhoods. In this city, you can visit the Rudolfplatz, one of the principal gay districts that you can find in Cologne.
    Another interesting part about this city is that it houses a big gay community in Germany. Aside from that, Cologne Pride celebrates the biggest LGBTQ activity in the country. Because of the numerous festivals in the city like Fetish Pride, carnival, Bear Pride, and Gay Games, it is not surprising that Cologne is one of the perfect destinations for gay travelers.
    Suppose you’re one of the proud members of the LGBTQ community and would like to visit the city for vacation and attend several activities. In that case, it is essential to explore everything about the place. At least, in this way, you will know more about your destination and would find the most convenient places or gay-friendly hotels Cologne where you can hang out with your friends. Keep in touch on the succeeding discussions to be guided accordingly about the different things or activities you can do and learn some hotels or places where you can stay for your vacation.

  • What are the Most Important Holidays & Closing Days in Cologne?
  • There are numerous symbolic and interesting events or holidays in Cologne. And one of the most prominent among tourists is the 5-day long carnival occasion. This carnival happens every year, and it begins on the 11th day of November. The holiday exactly starts at eleven hours and eleven minutes. Visitors, guests, and even locals can attend interesting presentations and cultural events. While staying in this city, you may try different dishes at street cafes or even take part in various competitions.
    You may also witness and experience the beauty of the costume parade, which is an essential event on this holiday. This costume parade is organized on the city’s main streets. Aside from that, there’s also a famous festival that happened in July, and it is the “Cologne Festival.” During this kind of festival, a grand musical performance happened at night on the city’s main square.

  • What is the Best Time to Travel to Cologne?
  • Cologne is a perfect place where you can visit for good. You can visit the place anytime you want; however, it is still better to travel in the city during the carnival celebrations. It is because every corner of the city is filled with joy and excitement because of numerous events and presentations. Various highlights happened in the city during the said occasion.

  • What are the General Opening and Closing Hours of Shops/Museums?
  • In the city of Cologne, shops and businesses strictly abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to the closing and opening hours of their businesses. In fact, the federal law of Germany imposed a law that controls its opening and closing hours. That’s why most of the shops and businesses in Cologne are open until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Moreover, they normally close their shops around 8 pm. Generally, shops and businesses are closed on Sundays except for the bakeries, gas stations, or grocery stores at the train stations.

  • How Far is the Nearest Airport from Cologne?
  • Cologne Bonn Airport is the most adjacent airport to the city, which is approximately 13.6 km away. It only takes around 9 minutes to get to Cologne Bonn Airport if you are in the city of Cologne. Some airports that can be found nearby are Dusseldorf (40.6 km), Dortmund (79.5 km), Hann (112.1 km), and the Eindhoven, which is 123.2 km away from the city.

  • How do I Get from the Airport to My Hotel?
  • Aside from using a car taxi that can be found in the airport, you may opt to use public transport like S-Bahn or the RE trains to reach the hotel where you booked. The train station can be found in the airport’s basement. Then, from the airport, you can easily reach your preferred gay hotels Cologne city. There are also some nearest hotels to the airport where you can stay for good. So, you may also just walk from the airport to the nearest hotels.

  • How Do I Get from the Central Train Station to My Hotel?
  • If you prefer to use the central train station at the airport, then you can do so since it is the cheapest alternative option to a taxi.
    You can ride from the central train station, which can be found in the basement of the airport. Then, you can go to the hotel where you have booked accommodation. The single ticket may only cost up to EUR 2.20.

  • Is it Easy to Find a Parking Spot in Cologne?
  • Finding a parking spot in Cologne is not that difficult. It is because there are several places or spots where you can park your car.
    To make sure that you find a perfect parking spot for your car, then you may also download a mobile app and use it to find a place for your car. The app is user-friendly; so, you can easily navigate it when looking for a parking area in Cologne.

  • Is it Easy to Use a Public Transport in Cologne?
  • Public transport in Cologne is easy to use. Since the city is perfectly connected to different places, you can easily go from one place to another using subway, tram, bus, and suburban railway.

  • Is it Easy to Get a Taxi in Cologne?
  • Taxi is one of the common transportation modes in Cologne. That’s why it’s easy to get one if you need it. In fact, taxis are mostly available in the terminal buildings since taxi drivers are waiting for the new arrivals in the city.

  • What are the Main Attractions of Cologne?
  • There are several places and tourist attractions to visit in Cologne, both new and ancient. Some of these prominent attractions include:
    1) Cologne Cathedral – a prominent landmark in Germany,
    2) Cologne City Hall – situated at the center of the ancient town, and
    3) Hohenzollern Bridge – a famous bridge that crosses the Rhine River in the city
    Aside from those attractions, you may also visit some places like the Romisch-Germannisches Museum, Cologne Cable Car, Gross St. Martin, Museum Ludwig, and many more!

  • Which Hotels are Near the Cologne Cathedral?
  • If you’re in the center of the city and adjacent to Cologne Cathedral, then you can find the best hotels nearby. Some of the ideal hotels that you may choose are Hotel Coellner Hof, Hotel UHU, BrandenBurger Hof, Hotel Engelbertz, Dom Hotel Am Roemerbrunnen, and many more.

  • Which Museums Can I Visit in Cologne?
  • There are several museums which you can visit while in the city. Some of these are Museum Ludwig that focuses on art from the 20th century, Chocolate Museum that showcases the 3000-year history of cocoa beans across the world; Wallraff-Richartz Museum is one of the oldest museums in the city and many more.

  • In Which Area You Can Find Most Bars & Restaurants?
  • In the city of Cologne, you can find the best bars & restaurants where you can hang out with your friends and taste delicious dishes. In fact, you can easily find them in the heart of the city since most of the businesses can be found there. Bars, clubs, and the best restaurants welcome you from every corner of the city.

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