The best place that gay men should opt to visit is Gay Berlin in, Germany. Berlin is the perfect destination for all LGBTQ+ members as it is the gay capital of Europe. But what do you think is the reason why Berlin ranks first as the best gay destination in the world? To find out the reasons why this article will enlighten you about those things. Keep in touch on the succeeding discussions and be able to learn the best things which the city is proud of.

Berlin — One of the Most Prominent Travel Destinations in the World

There is a large number of tourists and visitors who visited different places in Germany. And Berlin is without a doubt the number one place in Germany that people opted to visit. In fact, there are approximately 80 million tourists who had an overnight stay in the country. Moreover, it was also noted that there’s an increase every year, except for the years of the Covid-pandemic. The increase of the tourists in Berlin has various reasons.

The majority of the visitors and tourists who visited Berlin came from the same continent, Europe. However, some people from other continents and countries came to visit Berlin because they wanted to experience the beauty of the city.

Berlin as the Perfect Gay Destination

Berlin is one of the cities in Europe that became the centre of gay scene. Not just in the country but in the whole world. Gay Berlin recognizes LGBTQ+ members in the society, giving pride to all people, regardless of any gender.

So, if you want a community that accepts and supports you as who you are, then why don’t you come and visit Berlin? This place is a perfect avenue to everyone since locals support the presence and essence of LGBTQ lifestyles.

Schönberg is the Center of Gay Berlin

The gay area in Berlin is Schönberg. This is the first legendary gayborhood known in the whole world. Although this place has become a global spot for the gay scene, the neighbourhood feels like some peaceful European residential neighbourhood. Then, LGBTQ+ institutions sprinkled on bars, and restaurants.

Although Schönberg becomes supreme, Berlin has numerous neighbourhoods which represent new generations of the gay community. Artsy, trendy, and integrated districts like Kreuzberg, Neukolln, Prenzlauer Berg, and Friedrichshain make big names for themselves under gay travellers in Berlin.

Two Fun Facts of Gay Berlin

In Berlin, there’s no mandatory time for closing the clubs and bars. Berlin as well offers public transit that runs 24/7. So, if you’re from nightclubs or bars, and you’re going back to your hotel after night fun, then there’s nothing to worry about transportation.

Berlin was also one of the first large cities in the world with a mayor who is openly gay, Klaus Wowereit. During the 2001 election, Mayor Wowereit beat other candidates by giving these prominent lines and quotations “Ich bin schwul, und das ist auch gut so.” For English translation, this literally means that “I am gay, and that’s just fine.” With these powerful lines uttered by Mayor Wowereit, the gay community in Berlin started to feel at ease and comfortable since they already have support from the government.

gay berlin gay travel
Berlin is one of the safest cities in the world to visit a gay traveller

Top 3 Gay Berlin Activities

There are various gay-friendly activities in Berlin that are well-known by many people. Besides the numerous gay bars and gay clubs in Berlin, the most prominent activities in gay Berlin are as follows:

1. Memorial to the Homosexuals Maltreated Under Nazism

There’s a plain concrete structure that commemorates women and gay men murdered by the Nazi party. This structure is powerful because of its symbolism and simplicity. It features grey walls, which are being only disrupted by a mini window that provides a peek inside a brief film of 2 women or 2 men kissing.

2. Christopher Street Day in Berlin

Christopher Street Day (CSD) is one of the biggest gay pride festivals not just in the country but in Europe. CSD vividly recognizes the pride foundation, providing the people the chance to have some parties while under the support of a strong political crusade. Every year, the motto, political demands, and the theme of the CSD parade in Berlin is identified in open public forums or meetings, commonly known as Pride Forums.

3. Prinz Eisenherz Buchladen

It is the LGBTQ+ institution that is considered the oldest surviving bookstore of gays in Europe. It was established in 1978 and moved to Motzsraße, a Schoenberg’s catwalk. This gay bookstore houses impressive collections of lesbian and gay fiction, including some academic works. So, if you want to embrace the gay community while staying in the city, you may opt to read some fiction books from this bookstore.

These three things are the prominent ones which you may explore once you visited Berlin for your staycation.

gay berlin gay pride

“Although Schönberg has become a global spot for the gay scene, the neighbourhood feels like some peaceful European residential neighbourhood. ”

Gay-Friendly Hotels in Berlin — Exploring the Best Ones for You

If you’re a gay traveller from other countries, Berlin is a gay-friendly place for you since locals are well-accommodating or hospitable. Since the city supports the gay community, you can have a guarantee that you will not be discriminated while staying here.

So, if you wish to visit Berlin, it’s highly advisable to explore some gay-friendly hotel accommodations where you will stay. Don’t be fretting anymore about choosing hotels nearby major sights because practically all the hotels you can find in the city centre are gay-friendly.

Some of the gay-friendly hotels which you may consider for good are the following:

Hotel am Steinplatz

Hotel am Steinplatz is one of the exclusive collection hotels of Marriott in Berlin. It’s a collection of exquisite and fashionable boutique properties in the world. This hotel-friendly hotel in Berlin is typically situated in a reserved area from the city’s dining corridor and main shopping. If you want a luxury experience that never feels fussy and boring as well, then this hotel is a perfect option for you.

Axel Hotel Berlin

Axel Hotel Berlin is also one of the gay-friendly hotel accommodations that cater to gay travellers. Axel hotel is a perfect choice for you because of good hotel accommodation and complete facilities & amenities. In fact, it offers chic rooms and excellent services in the area. This can also be found in the centre of gay Berlin; so, you can easily access major sights and travel destinations from this hotel. Another good thing about this hotel is that it globally recognizes and supports the LGBTQ+ community. So, rest assured that you can have a great experience while staying in this place.

Andel’s Hotel Berlin

If you stay in Andel’s Hotel Berlin, you can perfectly see or witness beautiful sights within gay Berlin. You could see lots of attractive places in Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhoods of the Eastern portion of the city. One good thing about this gay-friendly hotel in Berlin is that it is adjacent to the major transportation place (Alexanderplatz).

Aside from that, Andel’s Hotel has complete facilities and amenities which you can enjoy while staying in this place. This modern, stylish hotel offers luxurious rooms and a perfect breakfast buffet. In general, Andel’s Hotel is a nice option for all gay travellers in Berlin since it is situated within the heart of the city.

These gay-friendly hotel accommodations in are some of the best places where gay men can stay while staying in gay Berlin. You could also find places other than those mentioned above since there are numerous gay-friendly hotels in Berlin that can accommodate travellers from other places.

Discovering Some Gay-friendly Restaurants and Bars

In Berlin, there are numerous restaurants and bars where you can visit for relaxation and fun. Foods are great, and the ambience is perfect for a gay traveller in Berlin like you. To give you more options about the best gay-friendly restaurants and bars in Berlin, then here are some of your options:

Mamma Monti

If you wish to shop or purchase some boutiques for your home design in Kantstraße or some designer clothing in Kurfürstendamm, then you may find some romantic and adorable restaurants for some homemade Italian specialty food. If weather permits, you can request a table outside the restaurant and have some sumptuous food. You can taste their specialty foods like scorched tomato salad and fresh buffalo mozzarella. You may also enjoy drinking a glass of juicy house red while enjoying the ambience of the place.

Berlin Village Market (Neue Heimat)

During Sundays, a converted railway station transforms into a culinary extravaganza, having street vendors of different foods in Berlin. With its spacious area, there are also some art shows, craft markets, and live concerts once a week.


You can have a reservation in advance in this restaurant if you want to experience a specialty food offered in a living-room-like ambience personally. In this restaurant, one of the specialty foods you may taste is a palatable dish like a cheesy spaetzle containing young onions. You may want to try an apple strudel that contains bourbon vanilla ice creams if you want to complement your food with good taste.


As you spend your day discovering adorable and gay-friendly Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, you may also opt to visit PraterGarten. Here, you can have a drink and bite under the shades of chestnut trees. This beer garden offers fresh homemade foods and a wide array of local beers in open-air scenery, giving you a chance for a perfect break from your tiring days.

Café Melitta Sundstrom

There are lots of options in Berlin which you may choose for good. One of the best selections for you is the Café Melitta Sundstrom, a well-accommodating café during daytime and gay perfect hotspot during night-time. This avenue draws a higher number of gay visitors than those bars from Schoenberg.

gay berlin nightlife
The vibrant night-life is one of the main reasons the gay community visits Berlin frequently

Conclusion Gay Berlin

With beautiful places, the best restaurants & bars, well-accommodating gay-friendly hotels, and various types of activities to do in the city, Berlin makes it the first in rank when it comes to the perfect gay destination in Europe and even in the whole world.

So, if you want to experience the exquisiteness and uniqueness of the place personally, then why don’t you consider this city as your next destination? By visiting Berlin, you can have a guarantee that you will enjoy your vacation in this place, and you can explore everything about the city. You can also have different souvenir items which you can bring home after your vacation. Make the most of your time once you stay at the heart of Berlin!