Countries and cities around the globe unite to celebrate their LGBTIQA+ communities (in short, we will call it gay communities in this article). This usually happens every year. Whether you belong to the gay community or not, and opt to know more about their celebration, you probably don’t miss checking out the different, and best gay prides in the world.

The LGTB pride comes in the form of the Pride parades, where LGTB people and their supporters host exceptional festivals and events. The main purpose of this celebration is to raise awareness and serve as marches for legal rights like same-sex marriage.

How did the Gay Pride start?

A gay pride, also called a pride festival, pride event, or a pride march, is an outdoor event celebrating gay, lesbian, non-binary, transgender, queer, and more. This celebration started as a socio-political movement. Most members of the gay community took a positive outlook even if they often experienced discrimination, violence, and abuse.

Stonewall Inn New York

The Gay Pride is believed to have been instigated in June 1969 when police personnel raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City. The Stonewall riots were fruitless, but poignantly it raised a positive revolt within the gay community. The raid also led to several marches, riots, and protests. One year after the Christopher Street gay bar raid, the gay community marched all over the city. This activity became the first gay pride in the history of the United States.

The march brought attention to various socio-political movements. Since then, this socio-political movement has transformed into countless celebratory events. Parades, rallies, parties, and concerts dominate Gay Pride processions to welcome people with the same beliefs and ideologies.

Exceptional progress for gays

The LGBT community in America has reached exceptional progress since Stonewall. Momentous Supreme Court rulings have struck down relapsed laws and confirmed the right to marriage equality. They also protected workplace securities for gay community members in every territory or state.

An act called “Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act” broadened the description of hate crimes to include delinquencies motivated by gender identity or sexual orientation. Members of the gay community and supporters are currently serving in nearly every level of public offices: in state capitals, city halls and even in Governor’s mansions.

What are the best Gay Prides in the World?

More and more people are longing to know where to find the funniest and biggest gay prides in the world. If you are one of them, the best thing you need to do is to research this global event. For your guide, here are the top gay prides in the world you must once visit:

1. Pride Toronto

Pride Toronto is normally held in June. It starts from the crook of Church and Bloor Streets up to Yonge-Dundas. Before its main event, the biggest gay pride parade in the world is held. It is designed for the gay supporters and members to gather together and fight for their unity with their allies and friends. To conclude the event, the Dyke March is be held to show diversity, passion, and strength of the gay community.

2. Tel Aviv Gay Pride

Tel Aviv is known as the Middle East’s gay capital. It is also a competitor of New York and Berlin for loudness and craziness. The gay pride parade begins from a modern gay community center called Gan Meir. This includes loud party music, activity booths, and live performance of a community youth gay band. The activity normally takes place every June.

3. Sydney Pride Festival

This Sydney gay pride showcases life and love without any discrimination. It means that everyone is free to love who they opt to love and be themselves. The lesbian and gay Mardi Gras parade is the highlight of the month-long celebration. This celebrates diversity, pride, and equality at the Sydney Pride Festival.

The celebration is quite huge that events are held for several weeks, usually from February to March. It includes comedy festivals, art shows, Pride parade, pool party and even live performances of iconic stars like Cyndi Lauper, Cher, and Kylie Minogue.

4. New York Gay Pride

The New York Gay Pride is considered the oldest parade that passes Christopher Street and Stonewall Inn. The week-long event focuses on five distinct activities: The March and Dance on the Pier, VIP Rooftop Party, The Rally and Fantasy, Tease, and We Party, and The Family Night.

5. Amsterdam Gay Pride

The Amsterdam Gay Pride is one of the busiest weekends in Amsterdam. This Gay Pride celebration has a week-long event in club parties and streets. The famous Canal Parade and Drag Queen Olympics that is watched by thousands of onlookers and participants.

Amsterdam is known of its large gay community, and the Amsterdam Pride is just legendary

6. Berlin Gay Pride

The first sexuality equality parade in Berlin was played with hundreds of participants last 1979. It is known as Berlin Christopher Street Day. This Gay Pride is a week-long parade that will be participated not only by the gay community but also by families. It includes exhibitions, lectures, concerts, film shows, and numerous events.

7. San Francisco Gay Parade

The San Francisco Gay Parade has a theme, “Equality without Exception.” It started along Market Street from Beale to 8th Street. This activity highlighted the essence of freedom to express their sexual identities and gender. It also imposes the responsibilities and obligations of the gay community in fighting or opposing cruelty.

8. Madrid Gay Parade

The Madrid Gay Parade is also known as “Madrid Orgullo.” It is considered the biggest gay parade in Spain and the largest parade in Europe. It has thousands of visitors during its celebration. Members of the gay community and supporters truly enjoy every second while celebrating this momentous event.

9. London Gay Pride

The London Gay Pride starts from Baker Street to Whitehall through Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, and Piccadilly Circus. The first Gay Pride in London started in June, 2015. It has a “Pride Heroes” theme combined with live entertainment suitable for everyone. To cheer up the participants, the activity is also loaded with community stalls and sports events.

Other gay prides in the world

Mexico City Gay Pride

Apart from the above-mentioned, the gay community and supporters also opt to visit Mexico to witness the celebration of gay prides. Mexico‘s Puerto Vallarta received countless accolades for being the best welcoming destination for gays. Its Gay Pride celebration is held in mid or late May. During this month, there are several activities that gay visitors will enjoy. The place showcases distinct events all over the city. The parade also unites all the residents to witness the colourful floats and marchers.

Dublin Gay Pride

In Ireland, there are countless residents who opt to witness the Dublin Gay Pride. The place becomes overflowing in a rainbow of colours for the biggest public celebration in the state. This week-long celebration also cumulates with a Gay Pride, held in June. In fact, this activity made history in 2017 after an openly gay prime minister participated in Ireland.

Chicago Gay Pride

In case you experience how Chicago conducts gay prides, simply visit the place every June. The place is considered as a growing number of celebrations around the county. A typical example of this is the Rhode Island Pride. In 1976, there were more than 75 participants and multiple numbers during the month of June. The place holds an after-dark illuminated Gay Parade, and everyone loves it.

Tel Aviv Gay Parade
London Gay Pride

“A gay pride celebration truly makes you experience a memorable one. You can share your cultures and traditions with other people, and how your country or city celebrates gay pride.”

How to Watch Gay Pride?

The majority of the gay community members and supporters are excited to watch or witness the different gay prides around the world. But, not everyone has an opportunity to check out these amazing activities. Now, if you are eager to watch at home, you should know the different viewing options.

Netflix has a genre page for the Gay Pride. This includes TV shows, movies, award nominees, documentaries, and many more. In fact, there are new seasons of Feel Good and Elite available on Netflix to entertain their gay viewers.

Amazon Prime Video is also considered as one of the landing pages to honor the Gay Pride celebration. It has a wide collection of live-out-loud events and highlights the different gay actors, writers, producers, and even filmmakers.

In addition, Hulu can also be access to enjoy the different Gay Pride celebrations while at home. Just like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hulu is a well-known option for its Gay Pride documentaries.

How to Show Support while Staying at Home?

Visiting one place or another to witness the best gay prides in the world is indeed memorable and exciting. However, if you can’t afford to roam around the country, you can also show your support to the gay community while staying at home.

Just like others, you can hang a Gay Pride flag outside your home. You can also put a Gay Pride sticker on your private vehicle or motorcycle. In some cases, gay supporters prefer to host their own Gay Pride-theme move night together with their friends and colleagues. They also join virtual celebrations and become an ally of their gay friends and family members.

Another way to support the gay community is through extending services in the gay organizations in your local area. You can also support businesses, either small or big ones, that support the LGBT community.

How do People Celebrate Gay Pride Month?

Gay Pride Month celebration draws billions of participants from around the globe every year. In most cases, there are month-long celebrations and private gatherings that take place across the city, including marches, pride parades, concerts, parties, symposiums, and workshops. Memorials are also often held for various gay community members who have lost their lives to hate crimes or HIV/AIDS.

Show your rainbow flag

The rainbow flag is also displayed throughout the month. In 1978, Gilbert Baker created the flag as a symbol for the lesbian and gay political movement at the suggestion of his colleagues and friends. He is a gay activist, an American artist, and a U.S. Army veteran.

According to Baker, the rainbow flag colours have a true meaning: yellow for sunlight, violet for spirit, green for nature, orange for healing, blue for harmony, and red for life. Gilbert Baker died on March 31, 2017, at the age of 65, and his flag remains a powerful and iconic symbol of gay pride.

The Gay Pride was celebrated distinctively due to the contagious pandemic Some Gay Pride events were a combination of virtual and in-person activities. However, after the pandemic, it is expected that everything will be back as it is. Most states in America have started to lift stay-at-home orders and other related restrictions to curb the increasing number of affected people.

Why Visit a Place during a Local Gay Pride Celebration?

Visiting countless cities that celebrate local gay pride is an excellent way to witness the beauty of the cities and landmarks and plunge yourself into the different activities of the gay community. The majority of the gay pride events and parades happen during a peak season of the year.

gay parade friendships forever
Visiting a gay pride you meet a lot of new people and even friendships for life

Whether you are planning to travel alone or along with your friends, visiting during a gay pride celebration truly makes your experience a memorable one. Depending on how you interact with other people, you may also find friends from different places. Chances are, you can share your cultures and traditions with them. You can also share how your country or city celebrates gay pride.

Knowing the different places that celebrate gay prides is truly a remarkable one. If you are interested in showing support to the gay community or opt to witness how they celebrate, this is your chance to visit the different cities around the globe. However, make sure that you have your itinerary before leaving and have enough budget.

Through visiting these cities with gay pride celebrations, you will know that people are being united. They value everyone, regardless of gender or sex. The key to a successful gay pride celebration relies on how you will appreciate its cause and event. Whether it is a simple or grand gay pride celebration, what matters most is you showcase the real you. You show off to the whole world your support and embrace the change in society.