Proud and showing off one’s true colours is the best way to experience life without any inhibitions, boundaries, and restrictions. This may have been recognized by Spain for being the third country in the world that legalized same-sex marriage way back in 2005.

Progressive Gay Spain

Spain being a politically progressive country, not only in Europe but in the entire world, became known for its unwavering respect for the dignity and rights of the gay community. This could not be surprising that it became a popular tourist destination for gays and other members of the LGBT+ community.

Tourism had poured in especially gay travellers and contributed to Spain’s pocket a resounding amount of 6,5 billion euro. Such a figure surpasses the income earned from tourism of other European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Friendly atmosphere in Spain

The friendly atmosphere of Spain had become its magnet that attracts gay travellers to explore the beauty and culture of Spain. One will be mesmerized by Spain’s historical landmarks for being the former world power. It will be like traveling through time with its beautiful architectural buildings and monuments like Mesquita in Córdoba, Alhambra in Granada, which is famous for Spain’s palace, and the Aqueduct in Segovia.

Surely the art aficionados will be delighted with the country’s museums such as the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Prado Museum in Madrid, and as well as the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

Being in Spain is just like experiencing the fusion of modernity to the age-old architectural designs, culture, tradition, and dance. You will enjoy the upbeat life in every corner of the country. To enjoy Spain is to travel in Spain. Here are the top picks for gay travellers that can be the best destination in Spain.

The 9 destination for gays in Spain:

1. Sitges

A charmer in its own right, Sitges had lured gays to its place and one can feel that the entire town of Sitges may be considered as a town for gays. It is a small town with approximately 29.000 inhabitants and can be reached by train from the south of Barcelona.

It seems that Sitges caters to the need of the gay community, and it exudes its gay friendliness by offering excellent services in their gay bars that are located in Calle Montroig.

You cannot grow tired of this town, for aside from the sizzling nightlife, it also offers good beaches in its coastal areas, such as the Platja de la Bassa Rodina, which is known for being a gay beach.

You should also not know amiss the nudist gay-friendly beaches like Platja d’Aiguadolc and Platja dels Balmain’s. This place is indeed a haven for gays for its being the gay-friendliest and as well as with superb amenities and excellent service.

Sitges can be best described as the place for partying and as well as beautiful scenic beaches. It can trigger both fires up the adrenalin rush for fun and be stress-free when you take a plunge on the beautiful beach.

2. Ibiza

This is another gay hotspot and beach that is frequently visited by gays is a primary port of the island is the Ibiza town. You can’t help but take notice of the town’s well-preserved walled structure. It is in this town that you need to check out the famous gay beach, which is the Es Cavallet which is about fifteen minutes ride from the town proper.

Enjoy basking under the heat of the sun in your nakedness, for it is in this place that clothing is optional. You can flaunt your body without any reservation, inhibitions, or restrictions. Enjoy watching guys basking in the sun while eating a sumptuous meal or a cava sangria at the Chiringay.

It is a place of Adam where naked men are roaming around mindless of the eyes looking on their naked bodies. Some promotional guys are driving in Speedos and giving out flyers in their nearly naked bodies. You can say that this is just like being in the “Baywatch,” of which you can enjoy watching the well-toned, masculine, and almost naked bodies of men. It is considered a promotional hit as it attracts tourists to flock to the area.

If you got tired in Es Cavallet beach, you could hop to another beach which is the Playa de Ses Illetes voted as the best beach on TripAdvisor. You can reach this beach on the island of Formentera through a ferry boat ride from Ibiza.

Aside from the beautiful beach of Ibiza, another attraction for the gays in the street is called Calle de la Virgin, which is Ibiza’s center for gays where gay bars, gay shops, gay restaurants, and gay cafés are line-up in the street. Being in Ibiza would only connote that there is no time for being in the “boring” zone for every inch and a quarter of the place offers excitement for the travellers, especially for gays.

3. Torremolinos

Torremolinos is one of the best gay hotspots in Spain and you will surely enjoy partying and take a plunge on the beach. It is considered the best gay beach not only in Spain but in entire Europe. If you got the hype for partying, this place is ideal for you, for it is known for its energetic gay nightlife that can even rival the major cities a hundred times its size.

The combination of partying and beach is the best way to describe this place which is located outside Malaga, which is in Spain’s southern part. Gays flock to the famous gay beaches in the area, especially during the events like Mad Bear Beach Weekend, Torremolinos Pride, Wonder Beach Festival, and Delice Dream.

This area became a gay hotspot even way back in 1960, for it is in this place that the first gay bar was opened. Gays find the place relaxing for the beach is perfect for basking under the sun, and for achieving a perfect tan, you can also enjoy shopping at Calle San Miguel. Surely if you just love partying, shopping, and enjoying the outdoors, the Torremolinos is a perfect place.

This could be the place where all the colours meet, and in fact, it is labelled as the most gay-friendly city in Spain. One can see a large representation of the gay community enjoying the party life of Torremolinos.

There are two famous beaches of which Torremolinos is known for which are El Gato Beach and Eden Beach. You can still get connected even when you are on the beach, for there are Wi-Fi services that are being offered at Gato Lounge in El Gato Beach.

4. Madrid

If you are into clubbing, shopping, and bar hopping, you must opt to have a quick stop in the city of Madrid. This is the city that is dubbed as the gay-friendliest city not only in Spain but in the entire world.

Experience Europe through Madrid’s gay pride which is best described as organized chaos where everybody got together regardless of their colour spectrum, sex preferences, everyone is gathered together to enjoy and participate in the event. This Madrid’s Pride had brought around 4 million people when it hosted the World’s Pride.

Aside from the extravagant Madrid’s Pride, Madrid is also known to be a good host for several gay events such as the WE Party Festival and Gays Pride.

If you want to have a side trip to historical places in Spain like the towns of Segovia and Toledo, you can reach these historic places through a high-speed train from Madrid. This city is considered the heart of Spain and the gayest friendly city with an estimated 500,000 population of LGBT+ community. It is just common in this place to see same-sex couples enjoying a good stroll and view of the place.

gay spain madrid
Madrid is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world. This city therefore attracts millions of gay travellers each year.

5. Barcelona

Barcelona may be considered as the rival of the city of Madrid in terms of tourism, culture, sports, as well as being a gay-friendly city. In Gaixample, which is Barcelona’s gay district, several gay clubs, gay bars, gay hotels, and restaurants can be found. The night is alive with its sizzling gay activities that will surely fire up the night.

But one thing that makes this place stand out from its competitors and this place is famous for is their beach coastline, known for gay and nude beaches. One famous beach in this place is the Platja de la Mar Bella which caters to the gay community. It is a place where one can be proud of his body as he can flaunt his body in its nakedness without the fear of being subjected to ridicule.

Since 2008 gay Barcelona has held a Circuit Festival. This festival became popular for its circuit party reputation.

gay spain ibiza
gay spain gran canaria

“The friendly atmosphere of Spain had become its magnet that attracts gay travellers to explore the beauty and culture of Spain. ”

6. Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

Another top choice for the best gay spot and considered Spain’s gay-friendly island is Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Islands. It also boasts some gay events, such as the Gay Pride Carnival and the German Carnival, which are being held every November.

The fun does not seem to stop on this island, for it has gay clubs, gay bars, and accommodation that spice up the partying spirit of the gays. All these best clubs can be found in the Yumbo Center, which has been open since 1982.

This place is oftentimes being described as a resort town, and it lives up to that description for everything in this town is designed for the enjoyment of the tourists.

gay spain gran canaria
The Maspalomas Lighthouse on Gran Canaria is one of the islands’s icons and atrracts numerous gay travellers from all over the world.

7. Benidorm

Benidorm is a place to hang out and ideal for gay travellers, for the place boasts some 50 gay businesses ranging from saunas, hotels, restaurants, bars, and as well as sex shops. It is as if everything is being offered for the total enjoyment and fun of gay travellers in Spain.

It is being considered one of the beautiful coastal areas located in the Alicante region of Spain. Like Madrid, it also has its Pride which is being celebrated every September. But unlike with other Spanish Pride, the Benidorm official Pride Party is free of charge. There are also music festivals that are being hosted by the place, like the Electrobeach and the Low Coast Festival.

Some famous beaches in this coastal area are the Raco del Conil which is popular for being a gay and nude beach, and the Levante Beach. Having an enjoyable journey is surely achieved in this place.

8. Valencia

Valencia is an excellent gay destination in Spain. This vibrant city has lots to offer: there is a huge beach, a beautiful historic city center, numerous museums, plenty of cultural activities are organized on a regular base and there is an excellent nightlife with a great gay scene.

The annual gay pride in Valencia takes place in June. In the week before the parade several activities, including parties, concerts and a film festival are organized.

The most popular beach is Platja de l’Arbre del Gos, this beach is just outside Valencia.

9. Granada

Since Spain had been in the world’s pinnacle of powers, it has the infrastructure that until now is a living testimony of the grandeur of the power of Spain, and you can visibly see that in Granada, which is a city in the region of Andalusia. It is a beautiful city that is perfectly located in the valley of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which has a picturesque snow-capped.

In Granada you can find the Alhambra, which is a Moorish palace that is already a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another Muslim Quarter, which has a way winding cobblestone stretch, is beautifully constructed along the hillside with cypress trees can be found in Granada, which is fondly called the Albaicin, and on its opposite is the spectacular palace of Alhambra.

It is not only the spectacular architectural and historical monuments that will awe the tourists, but surely they will fall with the Spanish traditional show, which is the Flamenco. The sensuous dance is performed with utmost perfection of hand and foot movement, which may be the fusion of different inter-cultural heritage. You can grab a reserved ticket for the show in nearby places in Albaicin or Venta El Gallo.

Enjoy a sip of Spain’s finest wine and its tastiest tapas at El Espejo, a known tapa bar in the region that is a gay-owned bar. You will enjoy the friendly ambiance and what could be the best is that the meal and wine are within the budget of your pocket.