Nothing beats a pleasant, peaceful, soothing, and calming day at the beach, bathing under the sun and taking a dip in refreshing, cool waters. Even better is looking for a gay beach where you can show yourself and be yourself with no fear of discrimination and judgment or persecution.

In the previous years, we have travelled to different parts of the world, chasing the best beaches for gays. There are many gay beaches to show off yourself, especially in Europe. These beaches are highly recommended by us, and you must definitely add them to your holiday itinerary.

A wide variety of gay beaches

Some gay beaches in Europe are isolated, secluded as well as take time and effort to reach, while others can be found in the middle of the popular gay-friendly locations. Some lean-to clothing is optional, while others have cruising places, and a handful of these best gay beaches are combined amongst the hetero-friendly ones.

However, all are amazing spots to take pleasure in the summer season with your friends, loved ones, and like-minded gay beach lovers.

Guide for gay travellers

Traveling as a gay can be hard because you need to know the best destinations which are gay friendly and where to stay away from. Europe is renowned for being an open-minded place, so, indeed, it has the most excellent gay beaches.

Because of this, it is good to research and look for some guidance. So, here are the 11 best gay beaches in Europe that you must consider to visit.

gay beaches europe spain
As a gay traveller in Europe you want to visit the best gay beaches were you can be at ease with your partner.


1. Playa De la Bassa Rodona (Sitges, Spain)

Sitges is a small but extremely gay-friendly town located forty-five minutes south of Barcelona, Spain. This town is an ideal place with long elongates of white, clear sandy gay-friendly beaches. Because Sitges is extremely gay friendly, you will find numerous gay beach goers at some of the seventeen beaches of Sitges.

On the other hand, one of the most popular and official gay beaches is the Playa De La Bassa Rodana. This is the preferred gay beach by a lot of speedo-wearing and abs-flaunting men.
You can also find a nude beach in the Platja de la Balmins in Sitges which actually might be the second most popular gay-friendly beach in the area. You will find a combination of non-nude and nude sunbathers here; therefore, anything goes.

This gay beach in Sitges is situated in a cove, and therefore, it is not as open or visible from the road. After strolling down many flights of stairs, you will arrive at a broad stretch of white sand, along with a beach bar that offers amazing drinks as well as sunbeds for lease.

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2. Racó de Conill (Benidorm, Spain)

Indeed, you can always take pleasure in one of Benidorm’s two main gay beaches. One of the most relaxing gay beaches is Poniente, located in the South, and Levante is the most sought-after beach in the north. The Mirador de Castillo separates these two gay beaches which is a stunning lookout point where the former castle is located.

At this point, if you like a complete body, you need to go to Ti Ximo cove, located on Levante beach of Benidorm.

If you love cruising, Racó de Conill is a mixed/gay nudist beach some kilometres outside the city center. This gay beach isn’t sandy; however, it provides one of the most amazing beach views in this place.

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3. Lecciona Beach (Tuscany, Italy)

If you are looking for a nude gay beach in Italy to show your body and six-pack, Lecciona Beach in Italy is the perfect beach. It is located in Tuscany, Italy, and you can visit Lecciona beach for free. Yes, you heard it right, it is a free gay beach, so it is advisable to bring your essentials like food, towel, deck chairs, water, etc.

This stunning and secluded gay beach is also a free space in which clothing is optional and is a popular nude beach because of its isolation and seclusion.

In fact, this place received a lot of positive reviews due to its privacy and being gay oriented. It is also called “the ideal Tuscan beach”.

4. Platja de la Mar Bella (Barcelona, Spain)

Barcelona is considered as one of the best and top gay-friendly places in Spain because of its exceptional blend of colourful city life and calming and soothing beach vibe.

In general, the beaches in Barcelona are not the best Spain has to offer to its guests, both locals and foreigners. On the other hand, due to the amazing weather, many tourist sites, the many yearly occasions, the beach is just a fantastic addition to Barcelona, offering a perfect place to unwind, relax, and enjoy a margarita or an afternoon meal.

Platja de la Mar Bella is one of the city’s most popular and biggest gay beaches. This is situated at the left part of the beaches fronting the sea near the metro stop or line 4.

You will find many foreigners as well as local hunks and handsome gays soaking up the sun or taking pleasure in one of the many seaside restaurants and bars. One of the most popular and visited seaside bars is the Chiringuito BeGay.

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gay beaches europe abs
In Spain you will find many hunks at the various gay beaches

5. Beach 19 (Lisbon, Portugal)

Beach 19 in Lisbon, Portugal is one of the best gay beaches in Europe. This gay beach is situated among a massive nature reserve. This beach is apart from the rest so that makes it accessible by train and bus. Lisbon is a gradually more popular tourist destination in Portugal, especially for gay travellers searching for culture, sun, and fun. For sure, the beaches of Lisbon will not disappoint gay beachgoers.

The area surrounding Beach 19 is untamed, rugged, and notorious among those planning to cruise. During the summer season, the gay population in Lisbon seemingly comes out in full force because this beach is conquered by the local gay community as well as visiting gay travellers.

Beach 19 is the largest gay beach in Lisbon and perhaps all over Europe, and is very popular amongst the gay community. The endless space makes this an ideal place to enjoy the summer and surround yourself with like-minded people.

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6. Playa Es Cavallet (Ibiza, Spain)

Have you ever been to Ibiza? If not, it is time to include this Spanish island on your bucket list. One of the official gay beaches in Ibiza is the Playa Es Cavallet. This is a very accessible place, located just about a fifteen minutes drive from the town of Ibiza.

At Playa Es Cavallet you can find great bars and restaurants that offer various kinds of European cuisine. The drinks are remarkable as well. One of the most popular bars and restaurants in one is the Chiringay, where you must try the amazing cava sangria.

You can also enjoy the amazing views, including nude men bathing under the sun while sipping your favourite drink. You may also see lots of handsome party promotors in matching trunks passing out flyers. These party promoters are the best way to know what is happening that evening while admiring the messengers.

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gay beaches europe
gay beaches europe portugal

7. Lokrum (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

There is only one thing superior to a gay beach, and that is a gay island. One of the isolated islands off of Dubrovnik is Lokrum. This island is just accessible by a 10-minute boat ride from the town. The island is an unchanged and rugged wilderness with a bumpy and rocky landscape packed with pine trees, as well as lagoons of blue, crystal-clear water.

This gay beach is situated at one of the many covers of this island and has a level of seclusion and privacy that is not often found on other gay beaches in Europe. On this gay beach, you can relax as well as unwind in absolute tranquillity and peace.

Lokrum beach is a renowned spot for the gay community of Dubrovnik to meet and hang out, and this place is also clothing discretionary.

This gay beach has a mild breeze that gives a welcome respite from the sweltering and soaring heat during the summer season.

gay beaches europe lokrum
In front of Dubrovnik you find the island of Lokrum which is a popular destination for gay travellers.

8. Elia Beach (Mykonos, Greece)

The best beach in Greece is on Mykonos Island where Elia Beach gets a lot of attention of many gay beachgoers. This fantastic gay beach in Greece is situated in the southern part of the beautiful island.

Mostly it is a gay-friendly beach with umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. You will see a nude and gay area to the right-hand part. This gay beach is relatively small and congested with visitors, so during the summer season, especially during July and August, you may not be able to look for a space.

The amazing rocks make a remarkable sport to balance yourself. Therefore, you better go beyond these rocks and visit this gay beach on the other part. This beach is less crowded and a bit cruisy, particularly in the evening; that has coarser sand with clear blue water.

This beach is well known under gay travellers. Panormos is also a notorious beach located in the northern portion of the amazing island. Even if it is a little bit off the flattened path, there is a bus service from the town of Mykonos.

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9. El Gato/Eden Beach (Torremolinos, Spain)

One of the most notorious gay beach areas in Spain since the 1960s is Torremolinos. This gay beach is located in the southern part of Spain, and during the summer seasons, the gay community rushes to the seaside town outside of Malaga to bathe under the sun, particularly during the yearly events like the very popular Torremolinos Pride, Delice Dream, and Mad Bear Beach Weekend, as well as Wonder Beach Festival.

The best thing about Torremolinos is that there are many gay beaches to choose from, such as the El Gato or Eden Beach, which are the most popular. Here you will find stunning views of sexy men. The beaches here are very accessible, and some are just a few minutes’ drive from the town center and are famous to locals and visitors.

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10. Mako Beach (Puglia, Italy)

Puglia is renowned for its dramatic and long coastline, which features monstrous caves as well as some of the most thrilling and out-of-this-world views. Therefore, it is no surprise that the place also boasts some of the best gay beaches in Europe.

Situated close to the Gallipoli town, Mako beach is considered a hidden treasure of gay culture, welcoming many guests daily to a 4-day gay festival on its delicate and warm sands.

Maku Beach is also considered the only gay beach in the area and is significantly more understated than other top locations. On the other hand, gay men from all over Italy and Europe gather yearly for one amazing beach experience as well as a blatant gay community.

11. Bellevue Beach (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Even if Denmark isn’t renowned for its beaches, we couldn’t still resist including the lovely and very gay-friendly beach of Bellevue in Copenhagen.

About 10 kilometres far from Copenhagen you will find this stunning sunny haven. This beach attracts younger crowds who find fun and happiness in the smallest thing life has to give, such as playfully splashing in the water and playing music.

On the other hand, if that is not your mood for a beach day, worry no more as there are many places where you can visit. Apart from the fine sand, there’s an agreeably grassy part with stunning plants, an ideal sitting location for a picnic by the sea. Also, you can stroll down to the nearest pier to see the white and blue lifeguard towers made by renowned architects.

Conclusion Gay Beaches Europe

Going to the beach is one of the most memorable experiences. However, gay travellers might find it intimidating to mingle with straight men and women. Worry no more, as there are a lot of gay beaches in Europe that allow you to enjoy the water and sun without being worried.