Gay Summer Trip 2023 to Mykonos

Mykonos, Greece, is such an iconic and stunning destination that offers countless spots to spend your summer holidays in. During summertime, this city becomes much elevated given that local and international tourists can be seen strolling and having fun around.

It is, in fact, one of the best and favorite destinations of gays as summer parties like Tel Aviv, Sitges, and Gran Canaria are being held. This Greek paradise has become a hot spot for gays.

Here are some of the best destinations for you to consider for your Summer Holidays 2023 in Mykonos, Greece. Find out the best spots to have fun and at the same time view hot men and gays.

Gay-Friendly Hotels Mykonos

First off, we have hotel options here that should be a priority before you arrive at Mykonos. Here are the top listed gay-friendly hotels in Mykonos that offer great services and accommodation.

Elysium Hotel

Topping the list, we have Elysium Hotel, a 4-star hotel that is gay-friendly. Here, everyone is welcome to spend days strolling around the city of Mykonos. This hotel serves as one of the best hotspots for gays who seek comfort and safety throughout a Mykonos summer trip.

One reason many gays pick this hotel is its mesmerizing sunset view. While at the terrace, a good Mykonos sunset view can be seen while enjoying good company, food, or drinks. Do not worry as each of the rooms in this hotel has its own little terrace so everyone can have their views with privacy.

Another reason is the interior and ambiance of this hotel. The inspiration was caught from warmth and simplicity. The colors are mostly white and cream, with little details from wall arts, plants, furniture, and other hotel decorations. It is also clean all the time, which is necessary for the sanitation of the guests and the hotel as a whole.

Also, it has a lot of facilities to entertain visitors around. It has its own small gym, hydro-massage room, steam room, and sauna. It is a total package hotel, so there will be no regrets about staying.

Semeli Hotel Mykonos

Next on the list is the Semeli Hotel Mykonos, a luxurious and romantic hotel, making it perfect for a gay summer vacation in Mykonos. It is actually a retreat hotel located at Chora and is nearby Jackie O Bar and Elysium Sunset Bar.

The best thing about this gay-friendly hotel in Mykonos is its combination of modern and island life. Here, a perfect view of the beach can be seen right from the balcony. It also has a pool and a veranda where the visitors can have fun while eating, drinking, or partying.

Another good thing here is the food. Every plate of food being served to the visitors is native and authentic dishes of Mykonos, Greece. The quality is also high, which ensures safety and taste.

Moreover, this hotel is perfect for romance as it has a variety of facilities and packages. Some of those are the small gym, two large pools, a lounge, and the great bar.

gay summer holidays 2022 mykonos greece typical scene
White wash staircases on Santorini Island, Greece with a view toward the Caldera sea.

Gay Bars Mykonos

Of course, a Mykonos gay summer holiday will never be complete without visiting and having fun at a gay bar. With that, here are the top-tier gay bars that one shouldn’t slip into.

JackieO’ Town Bar

First, we have the JackieO’ Town Bar, which is located at Parapotiani Waterfront and opens daily at 6 PM. This gay bar at Mykonos is regarded by people as the most popular and visited. It is a favorite spot for gays, making it more of a gay bar than just a regular bar.

Also, it has a nice view of the ocean, which makes it perfect to end the nightlife. Here, you can have good drinks and food, as well as the company with other gays. Lastly, check out the daily drag shows in this bar, and might as well join one!


If a wild night is what you’re looking for, then look no further as Babylon will heat you up. This bar is located at Paraportiani Waterfront and opens every 7:30 PM to 6 AM. It is nearby JackieO’ and the gay cruising spots. In this gay bar, you can find indoor seats and lounge seats on the outdoor terrace. There is also blast music that ranges from acid jazz, progressive, ambient, techno, and house. So, all in all, it’s a party all night out!

Katerina’s Bar and Restaurant

Next on the list is Katerina’s Bar and Restaurant, which is all about fine dining and cocktails. It is located at Little Venice’s heart. Here, you can already see the bar area at the front door, and at the far end, there lies this little terrace where you can enjoy the stunning views of the sea. Most of the food being served in this bar is seafood, either cooked or grilled. Well, seafood goes along with the cocktail perfectly, so it’s a must-try and must-visit!

gay summer holidays 2022 mykonos greece harbour
gay summer holidays 2022 mykonos greece downtown

“Mykonos, Greece, is such an iconic and stunning destination that offers countless spots to spend your gay summer holidays at.”

Beach Clubs

Up next are the beach clubs at Mykonos. Here, endless night-outs and parties are being held, almost on a daily basis, and there are a lot of options. So, here are some of those:

Scorpios Beach Club

Scorpios Beach Club is where you can easily find cool kids hanging out. It has a complex beach area that allows a lot of people to have fun all night out! Here, you can also find wonderful terraces, as well as the nearby Paraga Beach, which is also a gay hot spot.

The open-air terraces have incredible views of gay clienteles wandering at the Mykonos coastline in this beach club. There are also countless restaurants surrounding the area, so you will never worry about food, especially if you’re on a budget.

The food often served in the restaurants is organic, fresh, and clean. Vegan foods and beverages are dominating this area so prepare yourself for a line of healthy and green course meals.

Another thing, there are cabanas in the beach club that can be rented for only 100 Euros per day. The reservation process must be done a day before so you can rent a vacant and good one. The cabanas provide magnificent views of the sunset partnered with good music.

Moreover, there is a reservation policy in this beach club so if you want to have a place to stay and activities to do during your stay, always make it a habit to book reservations.

JackieO’ Beach Club at Super Paradise

Another recommended beach club is the JackieO’ Beach Club located at Yialos Waterfront. This beach club offers a wide range of services and goods that can make each of your days satisfying and worth it. JackieO’ Beach Club opens every weekday from 9 AM to 1 AM and on weekends from 9 AM to 12 MN.

This beach club was able to gather a good amount of votes online from its previous visitors as it provides only high-quality means and ways. Most of the visitors to this beach club are gays. This is also claimed to be the favorite spot for beach clubbing of gays every summer as it has a lot to offer.

Furthermore, it has a 150-sea restaurant that offers a variety of dishes and beverages. It also has a Jacuzzi and swimming pool, a boutique shop, a large bar, and lounge areas perfect for picture taking. There are also massage rooms and party boat trips with a special DJ to hype up the ambiance.


If you are a fan of villas and would like to spend several days in them, then these well-recommended villas must be included in your considerations.

Villa Ostria

Located at Elia Beach, Villa Ostria is one of the most visited villas in Mykonos. It has outstanding features that make it distant from other villas. Its most like feature is the heated Jacuzzi, as well as the 200-yard distance from the beach.

Moreso, it is a luxurious villa that overlooks the stunning view of Mykonos gay beach. It can accommodate approximately 10 guests, which makes it ideal for a party or short vacation at Mykonos with a company. It can also be the perfect setup for romantic agendas such as proposals or honeymoons. The accommodation procedure is easy as the staff is graceful when serving the visitors. From the food, drinks, rooms, and other facilities in the villa, the staff are just one question away.

Moreover, if you want to cook on your own, the full kitchen in this villa is happy to meet your demands. You can also acquire a grocery delivery service if you want your ingredients to be fresh and clean before cooking.


Another villa to check is Iliada. This luxurious villa is inspired by chic villa vibes. Its interior and exterior designs are all minimalist and clean to look at. The designs are Cycladic with whitewashed walls and bricks. They also have homoerotic art pieces, which only makes them perfect for gay couples and companies. Also, it is nearby Elia Beach which is just 150 yards away. For the view, it offers a magnificent overlook of the islands of Mykonos, as well as the coastline.

Another thing, it has a sun terrace where you can have the amazing views of Naxos, Paros, and Aegean islands. You can also try visiting the Mediterranean gardens if you’re looking for that fairy-like ambiance and location. Lastly, just like the latter, this villa also offers a full kitchen as part of its services and facilities. Here, you can freely cook whatever you like, especially if you’re looking for specific tastes and dishes.


Of course, a Mykonos summer holiday will not be complete if you only spend most of your time at the beaches, clubs, or shops. You should try the tours offered in Mykonos to appreciate its beauty and ambiance on another level.

gay summer holidays 2022 mykonos greece beach
Beautiful beach of Mykonos with deck chairs and umbrellas, Greece

Delos and Rhenia Islands Boat Trip with BBQ

First off, you need to have an island boat trip with Delos and Rhenia, which also offers BBQ while cruising. This tour includes an exclusive boat tour around the islands, as well as a stop on the most famous island spots. For this tour, you must have a reservation that can be immediately cancelled if needed.

Next, you can book for reservation and pay even after the tour with the reserve now and pay later promo. Also, the duration of this tour is only 6 hours, so you need to seize every moment in it. Lastly, the tour includes a tour guide who speaks both English and Greek.

Another thing, the price per person is 85 Euros. Not bad, right?

Catamaran Cruise with Meal and Drinks

Up next, we have here the Catamaran Cruise, which also includes a meal and rounds of drinks. The price for this cruise tour starts from 160 Euros per individual.

The best thing about this cruise tour is that the cruise can be rented privately. Audio tour guides are optional, so you can have the cruise ship all on your own except, of course, the cruiser. This is a top-tier tour that shouldn’t be out on your list as it screams luxury, class, and fun.

Conclusion Gay Summer Holidays 2022 Mykonos

Overall, a summer holiday in Mykonos is still not enough to try, visit, eat, drink, and have fun everywhere. But the sure thing here is that Mykonos has a lot to offer that leaves you countless options for your holidays. So, come to Mykonos and have the gayest time ever!