If you wish to have a comfortable and thrilling vacation, then the USA is a perfect country for you as a gay visitor. The USA gives you a lot of options — from different travel destinations to various activities to do. The USA is indeed a perfect place for gay travellers since more and more governments and locals support the gay community. In fact, many states have introduced laws and policies to protect every LGBTQ+ member of the country.

Exploring the various cities and places in the USA is challenging and fun as well. It is because there are numerous places where you can go. Aside from that, there are lots of activities which you can do while staying there for vacation.

To give you more information about the places, activities, events, and anything about the country, then keep in touch on the succeeding discussions. This article will give you insights in the gay capital of USA and will bring you to another dimension while embracing the beauty of America’s places, cultures, and various interesting things.

Gay Capital of USA: Best Cities Gay Travel in USA

The USA is a place filled with beautiful places which are perfect for gay travel. In fact, the majority of the larger cities in the USA support the gay community because they advocate gender equality. If the USA is your chosen country where you will visit, it is essential to list down your top cities where you can go for your trip.

To narrow down your options, below are the lists of the best gay destinations in the USA that could all be the Gay Capital of USA, which all could be suitable depending on your taste and preferences.

1. Miami – Gay Capital of USA

The city of Miami is also famous because of the singles scenes, wild weekend potentials, and dress-to-impress residents. Locals also welcome gay travellers in their beautiful spots and beaches that can be found in the place. If you are one of the beachgoers, there are lots of gay-friendly beaches you can visit. 12th Street Beach at South Beach is the most prominent beach in Miami. Checkout the best gay-friendly hotels in Miami.

2. San Francisco – Runner-up Gay Capital of USA

In 1978, the 1st iconic colourful flag was elevated and raised. Then, Castro District became the epicentre of the gay scene in the USA. You may learn more about the crusade at the LGBT History Museum and get some interesting stories during your leisure time at the 1st gay bar, the Twin Peaks Tavern. In San Francisco, you may also enjoy the so-called “Sunday’s a Drag” which is situated at Sir Francis Drake Hotel. It’s not surprising to know that San Francisco became one of the prominent gay destinations in the USA with a great sense of style. The best gay-friendly hotels in San Francisco you will find here.

3. New Orleans – Number 3 Gay Capital of USA

While most of the cities hold pride weekends in June, the annual pride festival in New Orleans, also known as “Gay Mardi Gras,” celebrates during the Labour Day weekend in September. New Orleans is a popular city for gay travellers because of its live music, festival parades, people-watching of different events, and overall culture showcasing their pride.

4. Santa Fe, NM

According to the Census data, Santa Fe ranks 5th for same-sex-partner households. Locals love the rich texture and culture of the city. In fact, Sante Fe won for rhythmic little boutiques and cultural getaways. It also ranked 1st because of its nonchalant flea markets.

5. New York

New York City is one of the gay-friendly cities in America. This is a place where the landmark of LGBT history in America, Stonewall Inn, can be found. There are numerous gay-friendly areas in New York where you can opt to visit. Some of these places include the best restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, hotels, spas, and gyms. There are also some major sights which you shouldn’t miss, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and many more.

6. Portland, OR

Portland in Oregon becomes more prominent during these recent times because of its progressive culture. In fact, the city is said to be the first in rank when it comes to mass-transportation-friendly, pet-friendly, and eco-friendly. If you want to discover the local gay scene, then you could step back to the bygone days. The newly unlocked Crystal Hotel area was once auto parts outlets, subject of racketeering investigation, then raucous bathhouse and gay bar. Today, this hotel offers 51 rooms, and each of them was inspired by the song performed at Crystal Ballroom on the street.

7. Austin, TX

Texas is an interesting place for gay travellers because of the versatile street performers and music scene. There are also some gay-friendly hotels in Austin where anyone can stay for vacation. Aside from that, there are major sights at the heart of the city, which anyone can enjoy during a staycation.

gay capital of usa gay texas
You would not expect it, but also Texas has a large gay community

8. Chicago

This city became famous to gay travellers due to its team-crazed residents and various sports bars. Moreover, Wrigleyville borders gay-friendly bars; so, great fun is indeed possible sometimes. There are also some bars/clubs like Supper Club and Kit Kat Lounge that host awards-show parties. Aside from that, Chicago is highly ranked as one of the best travel destinations in America because of the great aesthetics it offers — architecture, luxury stores, and design shops.

9. Los Angeles

Los Angeles in California is one of the perfect avenues for gay travellers or any member of the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, there are lots of ways to experience gay cultures personally. There are various events and activities like June’s Pride Festival, which is the country’s biggest LGBTQ film festival. For night fun, you may consider some events like RAIN on Studio City, flaunted as the 1st gay nightclub that rivals those clubs at West Hollywood.

gay capital of usa gay los angeles
Los Angeles is known for its extremely vibrant gay scene

10. Boston

This city in Massachusetts became one of the prominent travel destinations for gay travellers because they advocate balance and equality. In fact, Massachusetts became the 1st state that supports marriage equality. In Boston, several travel destinations like gay bars or nightclubs are available for relaxation. Some bars and clubs can be found at Jamaica Plain or South End. Lots of people, especially those visitors/tourists, love Boston because of its erudite culture and family-oriented appeal. This city also holds the annual celebration for the Gay Pride Festival, usually celebrated in the month of June.

These are just some top cities where you can visit if you love to be relaxed and experience the exquisiteness of the place. Besides, the Gay Capital of USA, you may still explore some other cities in the USA since most of the places in the country advocate equality and no discrimination from one another.

gay capital of usa street sign
gay capital of usa gay new york city

“Besides, the Gay Capital of USA, you may still explore some other cities in the USA since most of the places in the country advocate equality and no discrimination from one another.”

Best Gay-Friendly Hotels in Gay Capital of USA

The USA offers numerous gay-friendly hotel accommodations for travellers. The good thing about these hotels is that they welcome all their guests, regardless of the gender preference they have. Prior to visiting specific travel destinations in the USA, it would be better to find some hotels that would be suitable for your tastes and preferences. You can do online searching to end up having the best and perfect hotel accommodations for you and your friends.

gay capital of usa gay miami
Miami has a positive vibe that attracts a lot of gay men from all around the globe

To narrow down your options about hotel accommodations in the Gay Capital of USA – Miami, you may take a glimpse at the following lists of the best hotels in Miami:

SLS Brickell Hotel (Miami, Florida)

SLS Brickell Hotel is a luxury type of hotel which you may find in the USA. If you’re a traveller from other countries, this hotel accommodation in Miami, Florida is just perfect for you since its location is in the heart of civilization. This hotel offers contemporary interior designs of rooms, which provide playful, stylish, and comfortable to stay at.

Every room in this hotel accommodation boasts a stunning private balcony/place where you could relax while sipping your favourite drinks. If you consider this gay-friendly hotel as your place where you will stay for vacation, then you can easily access the major sights of the adjacent places. For gay travellers who are looking for some night fun, they can have famous gay bars. There are also some restaurants where you can eat palatable foods.

EAST Miami Hotel (Miami, Florida)

EAST Miami Hotel is located in the cosmopolitan financial area of Miami, Florida. From this gay-friendly-hotel in Miami, you can have some travel destinations like Wynwood and South Beach since these are just a 20-minute drive from the hotel. By staying at EAST Miami Hotel, you can easily find abundant nightlife in Miami nearby. This gay-friendly hotel in Miami also offers an onsite restaurant that serves perfect dishes for everyone. It also features complete amenities and facilities like free Wi-Fi, parking space, laundry, room service, rainfall showers, pool, balcony, self-contained suites, and roof-top bar to serve you better with your vacation.

Blanc Kara Boutique Hotel (Miami, Florida)

The exquisite gay-friendly Blanc Kara Boutique Hotel for adults is situated in the South Beach portion of Miami, Florida. This hotel accommodation is a great place for couples or partners who would like to be relaxed and escape from the stressful days of their lives. It’s also a perfect avenue for gay travellers who would like to rest or rejuvenate from their busy days. Blanc Kara is located near numerous attractions and local restaurants.

Marlin Hotel (Miami, Florida)

The Marlin Hotel is a magnificent gay-friendly hotel and the landmark of South Beach. The place is fully renovated to preserve the art decorative character. It also offers contemporary luxury designs and styles, which make it more comfortable to stay at. Marlin Hotel is just few minutes away from the entertainment places, shopping areas, and nightlife in the city. Another good thing about this gay-friendly hotel is that it features a deluxe restaurant, which serves Northern Italian cuisines.

Gaythering (Miami, Florida)

Gaythering is the only gay hotel in Miami that offers men-only saunas and own bar. It’s interesting to say that this gay hotel is a perfect avenue to sleep, relax, rest, drink, or cruise. The guests’ rooms of this hotel are all comfortable and well-kept. You may choose different types of rooms like large, double, or petit. You could also stay in men-only private units with only 7-ft partition walls. The best features of this gay hotel include a bar, sauna, games room, and breakfast served for you.

These are just some of the top-rated and best gay-friendly hotels in Miami that anyone would like to suggest when visiting this gay capital of USA. If you want some other hotels that would be budget-friendly and convenient for you, then you may find other hotels nearby. For sure, you can find an ideal gay-friendly hotel that is best for your preference.

Is it Safe for Gay Travel in USA?

There’s an exciting gay culture and community across the USA. But are these places or areas gay-friendly? No one can ever rebuff that there are probably some isolated instances of discrimination to some gay communities in a certain place of the USA.

However, rest assured that you’ll be safe when staying at the major cities of the country since the majority of the people here are well-accommodating and supportive when it comes to gender preferences.

gay capital of usa gay rights
The USA has a strong community fighting for equal rights for the entire LGTBIQ+ community

Legal Status of gay men in USA

Most of American gays enjoy the same privileges and rights as the non-queer locals, although these rights and privileges were only granted recently. Since June 2003, sexual activities between consenting same-sex adults are already legal nationwide. All states in the USA recognize and license a marriage between same-sex partners/couples since 2015. Aside from that, every state of the USA celebrates jubilant pride festivals to give way and support the gay community.

The good thing about the USA is that no federal law permits discrimination against anyone, regardless of any gender that person has. With this law that protects everyone, residents are comfortable enough against housing, discrimination on employment, and public or private services.

With the strict implementation of laws and policies that protect the gay community, it is safe to travel to different places in the country. So, if you include this country in your bucket list for travels, then fret no more because this place has several things, activities, and great assurance of safety to offer.