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Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace sits in the Lapad Peninsula, a picturesque and serene part of Dubrovnik, Croatia. This location offers you both the tranquility of the Adriatic Sea and easy access to Dubrovnik’s historic Old Town. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is just about 4.5 kilometers away. You can explore famous sites like the City Walls and Stradun within minutes.

The hotel provides a range of facilities. You have access to three outdoor pools and an indoor pool, ideal for relaxation. For wellness and fitness, the hotel houses a fully-equipped gym and a spa with various treatments. Dining options include several restaurants and bars, offering both local and international cuisine. Each room in the hotel ensures sea views, enhancing your stay with breathtaking scenery.

For those interested in gay-friendly venues, Dubrovnik has a growing scene. While there are no specific gay bars or clubs in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, the city’s gay-friendly establishments are accessible. These include a few bars and clubs in the Old Town, approximately 10 minutes away by car. The gay area of Dubrovnik, though not officially designated, centers around these friendly venues in and near the Old Town.

Remember, while Dubrovnik is becoming more open to the LGBTQ+ community, it’s still growing in this aspect. So, you might find the scene smaller compared to other European cities, but the welcoming atmosphere makes up for it. Hotel Dubrovnik Palace positions you perfectly to explore both the serene beauty of the Lapad Peninsula and the rich cultural tapestry of Dubrovnik, along with its evolving gay scene.

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