A gay road trip in Belgium, from Antwerp to other unique places like Ghent and Brussels is really simple and trouble-free. You can travel by train which will lead you to each place in just a few minutes without spending a lot of time, or you can use your car if you have for a stress-free and more memorable gay road trip in Belgium.

Belgium is pretty tiny; it’s the 5th smallest nation in the European Union. It is located between the Netherlands, France, Luxemburg, and Germany, and is pretty much uninterrupted at the center of the continent, without bragging about its amazing beauty.

During my visit and stay in Brussels, the capital of both Belgium and Europe, I managed to drop by these three amazing cities. My gay road trip was full of fun, and I would like to say that I will do this over and over again.

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Gay Road Antwerp

Antwerp is the 2nd biggest city in Belgium that has energetic and lively gay activities that everyone can take pleasure in. The in and stylish section of the harbour city is the south district, with old-fashioned cafes and shops to meet your taste and desire.

The stunning city of Antwerp is renowned for its diamond business, even if homemade chocolates are close retail preferred second for guests and visitors. Rubens, popularly known as Antwerp home, is a popular painter, and the best breath-taking arts can be witnessed all around the area.

The perfect destination to have a taste of culture in Antwerp is visiting the different weekend markets which happen all over the area. To descend the trampled path, I highly recommend renting bicycles and discovering the rural portions of the whole area.

gay road trip belgium antwerp station

The train station in Antwerp city is a fine piece of architecture that you must see.

Gay Scene in Antwerp

From the time of hosting Mr. Gat Word and Eurogames in the past couple of years, the gay scene in Antwerp has flourished, making it a go-to place for a lot of gays from all over Europe, and even the world.

The lively Antwerp gay scene focuses on the district of Benelux. There are amazing shopping possibilities, as you can find various kinds of gay-friendly shops and boutiques. This is the place where you can find one of the most amazing collections of art nouveau architecture in the whole of Europe.

The Boots, a 6-story fetish bar in Antwerp, is considered unique and exceptional. In fact, draws the attention of many guests and visitors from nearby nations as well as across Belgium.

Gay Nightlife in Antwerp

Gay nightlife in Antwerp is lively and full of fun. Here are a few of the best clubs and clubs I tried during our gay road trip in Antwerp.

Red & Blue

Red & Blue is a popular gay club that is busy all year round. Besides, it holds the yearly events Studio 54 and Navigaytion, events that you shouldn’t miss.

Hessenhuis Café

Hessenhuis Café is a bar and restaurant located in an authentic sixteenth-century building. This place is really amazing when you want to unwind and keep away from the hustle and bustle of Antwerp. Drink your cocktails on a stunning terrace while watching people.

Popi Café

Popi Café is considered the stomping place for the local gay community. Here you can find wide collections of newspapers, books as well as amazing people watching.

The Boots

If you are searching for a kinky gay-friendly bar in Antwerp, then The Boots is the best choice. It has so many things to offer the visitors at night.

The Blackhole

If you are into a fetish bar, then The Blackhole is for you. This bar offers fun-themed gay parties that everyone will surely love and enjoy.

Dining Experience in Antwerp

Antwerp has so many things to offer when it comes to the gay-friendly dining. Here is where you can have a taste of Belgium’s superb cafes, restaurants, and clubs. They are not only exceptional but also the foods are superb and one of a kind.

Boekhandel ‘t Verschil

One of the most sought after and most visited cafes and bookstores for the gay community, with old-fashioned and picturesque outdoor seating if the weather gets hot or warm.

Que Pasa Café

Que Pasa Café is another remarkable gay-friendly restaurant in Antwerp. This centrally situated hidden gem bills itself as an LGBT bar and café, offering great food, drag parties as well a comfortable setting and atmosphere.

Cafe Confituur

A swanky gay-friendly restaurant, it is considered one of the most renowned destinations in Antwerp for the gay community regardless of time and day. Look no further than Café Confituur for a strong coffee and amazing atmosphere.

Gay Road Trip Tricks and Tips

This definitely is one of the best gay road trips that you must experience if you are planning to visit Antwerp. Gay travellers must discover Antwerp by road or rent a bicycle to experience the beauty of the surrounding. I forget to mention Antwerp Museum aan de Stroom, the largest and newest museum in Antwerp, provides amazing sights from the rooftop lookout point.

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gay road trip belgium brussels cathedral
gay road trip belgium waffle

“From the time of hosting Mr. Gat Word and Eurogames in the past couple of years, the gay scene in Antwerp has flourished, making it a go-to place for a lot of gays from all over Europe, and even the world.”

Gay Road Trip to Brussels

Being part of the gay community doesn’t necessarily define which destination you must see, but a lot of gay travellers like to see the best things in Brussels. Gay travellers in Brussels don’t need to take safety measures when it comes to public display of affection in this extremely progressive and tolerant city. Therefore, you must have no problems at all exploring this stunning and diverse destination.

What are the Things to Do During Gay Road Trip to Brussels

Is any gay road trip to Brussels complete without wavering by the Manneken Pis, an iconic seventeenth-century fountain of a tiny ball pissing? Perhaps you know his garments are changed daily but are you aware that there’s a secret girl pissing (Jeanneke Pis) to be found close by?

During my gay road trip, I visited Marc’s Belgian; this place pleasure our palate with the amazing tang of Belgian flavour. Discover why Belgium is known for its sparkling ales and get insight into old brewing traditions, or drop by an array of known cafes and bars and sample creamy cheese and rich meat alongside diverse kinds of beer flavours.

Take pleasure in an intimate background of a small group tour, wherein numbers are restricted to make sure a good and amazing experience.


The Atomium was erected for the Brussels World Fair in 1958; this extra-large monument to progress now houses a viewing platform and a museum.


Cinquanternaire is a stunning 19th-century park that is fuelled with military museums and art and is a renowned place for gays, both locals and internationals, to unwind in the hot season.

Gay Events and Scene

Pink Screen

One of the most popular gay scenes in Brussels is the Pink Screen. This is a queer movie festival celebrated yearly in November that showcases the best of gay cinema.

Belgium Bear Pride

This gay event takes place yearly in October. It is also a very popular event with remarkable activities like sauna and club parties, talks, dinners, and the notorious Mister Bear Belgium competition. Newbies are welcome as well. Bears might come in all sizes and shapes, however, there’s always compassion in their hearts.

Belgium Pride

The Belgium Pride is the highlight of all gay activities in the area taking place in May yearly. There are a lot of components to this fantastic and weeklong celebration. However, one of the grandest and biggest celebrations of this festival is the colourful and exuberant pride march routed in the middle of Brussels.

Many delegations give atmosphere, party as well as stimulating massages. You must not miss this spectacle event. Also, there’s a Pride Village located on Mont des Arts as well as the Rainbow Village situated in the Quartier Saint-Jacques and Sint Jacobswijk, with stunning numbers of shocking scenes, culinary specialties, and music, as well as shops and markets where gay organizations show themselves.

Being a leader in gay tourism, each hotel in the city can be considered gay-friendly. Being gay friendly is not about upscale lavishness but about offering open and friendly service and welcoming every guest with a smile and open arms.

Every guest wants to be surrounded by people with the same likes and dislikes, and there are only a few popular hotels in the area which are notorious hot spots for gay travellers to stay. Brussels Gay Village and the Saint Jacques neighbourhood are two of the ideal places for gay guests. Check on this page for other gay-friendly hotels in Brussels.

Brussels Gay Night Life

Brussels is renowned as one of the cities with no restrictions regarding gay activities. It has much gay nightlife to cater to all types of moods. Brussels provides many biggest dance parties, and there are a ridiculous number of gay saunas, clubs, and bars to select from situated in the Gay Village.

Gay-Friendly Clubs and Bars in Brussels

Brussels has so many things to offer when it comes to nightlife, and one of the most visited ones is the Le Baroque. This is only a small bar, but very popular and often overflows onto the road outside. Fun and colourful with many bears and a friendly setting, right in the middle of the Gay Village, pumping out club and pop on Friday and Saturday night.

Another trendy bar that you must visit during your gay road trip to Brussels is the Amalgam. This is a very busy dance floor with a highly cool atmosphere and amazing sexy and hot bartenders. Located in the heart of Brussels, this long bark makes it simple for everyone to socialize if it is quiet- even if this place is renowned for its Flash After Party.

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Gay Road Trip to Ghent

The largest and capital city of the East Flanders region of the country, Ghent has more than 250.000 residents residing in the town, making it the second-largest in Belgium.

Ghent started about 650 AD. By the thirteenth century, Ghent was the biggest city north of the Alps, next to Paris. The textile business came to fame, however, overwhelmed by the eight years of war.

At this point, the city is the main university city, and many research agencies are located here. It has cosmopolitan yet very welcoming vibes. A lot of guests, gay and straight, come to witness the stunning conserved medieval architecture and wish to experience the charming and lovely Flemish hospitality.

gay road trip belgium ghent
Stunning views in Ghent during twilight

Gay Scene Ghent

Ghent has a visible and compact gay scene. In fact, there are many gay saunas, gay dance clubs, and bars, as well as a male massage spa. You might find cruising action in the citadel. The big student population means that this city is flexible and gay guests are welcomed anywhere in Ghent. This is also considered the safest place in Belgium for gays to visit.

In spite of the compact gay scene, the city has been at the core of the gay liberation movement since 1969 in the country. Local gat charity Casa Rosa organizes a Pink Walk which happens in the town’s gay history. They also do various kinds of events all through the year.

Things to Do and See in Ghent

You can see and do many things in this place, such as:

Saint Bavo’s Cathedral: This is an iconic cathedral completed in the year 1569 and is also considered the city’s most popular landmark.

SMAK: This is a modern and contemporary art museum and a must-visit place for culture vultures that features works by A. Warhol and F. Bacon.

Vrijdagmarkt: Operating since the 13th century, this is a lively and thrilling shopping experience. Opens on weekends; this is also must visit place for gay travellers.