Amsterdam is a place that is filled with beautiful and attractive tourist destinations for the gay traveller community. In fact, many people tend to visit the city because of the picturesque views around the entire city. With its scenic canal network, thrumming cultural view, and rich history, Amsterdam is said to be one of the liveliest cities in the world.

Many people, including gay travellers, would like to visit Amsterdam due to the numerous places and tourist attractions they can visit. Amsterdam is widely known by many people since it’s a place where anything can be found — from sex clubs to strip shows and brothels, the most prominent tourist attractions all over the world.

Most people in the gay community have heard about the Red-Light District in Amsterdam. Aside from that, you can see a lot of sexual entertainment throughout Amsterdam.

gay amsterdam typical houses
Amsterdam has typical Dutch houses, and is above all very liberal and open to the gay community.

Looking for an Erotic Entertainment in Amsterdam?

One of the things that you may experience once you visit Gay Amsterdam clubs is the so-called “taxi scam.” The club deals with taxi drivers to bring their customers to their place, even though their club is not the best or closest nearby.

So, if you’re one of the gay travellers who visit Amsterdam, then it would be better to explore a place or erotic entertainment where you would like to visit. Then, you can request the taxi driver to take you to a specific address where you wanted directly. In this way, you can avoid confrontation with the driver.

Is It Safe to Visit Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is said to be one of the safest cities in Europe and the whole world. It is because violent crimes are not prominent in the city. However, if you’re a gay traveller from outside the country, then much better to be always cautious when visiting specific places in the Netherlands. You should be aware of some petty crimes and occasionally ferocious demonstrations.

For gay travellers and visitors, Amsterdam is the perfect place. In fact, it is said to be one of the best cities that is gay-friendly, offering welcoming restaurants, clubs, hotels, bars, and other tourist venues. Most of the locals in Amsterdam support and positively respond to gay marriage.

Although Amsterdam is a liberal place, homophobic situations for discrimination and violence might also take place. That’s why it is still a nice idea to be vigilant and limit yourself for public display of affections. You can be openly gay, but anyway be careful.

Top 5 Things to Do in Gay Amsterdam

There are numerous things which you can do in Gay Amsterdam despite any weather conditions. Lots of rewarding experiences of the gay scene may take place in the tourist places of the heart of Amsterdam. For you to explore the richness of wonders, below are the top 5 things that you can do in the city of Amsterdam:

gay amsterdam view
The canals of Amsterdam are one of the most stunning tourist attractions this city has to offer.

1. Feed goats and eat pancakes in Amsterdam’s Central Park

In the southern part of Amsterdam, you find the Amsterdamse Bos. This luxurious urban oasis gives great opportunities for picnics, bike rides, strolling over the hills, swimming, or grilling some food with your friends. In the forest, you can find the Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm, wherein you have the chance to meet lambs, chickens, goats, pigs, horses, and cows. For best experiences, you can directly proceed to the Meerzicht Farm, including Pancake House, a place where you can taste delicious Dutch-style fluffy pancakes.

2. Explore some shopping streets in Amsterdam

If you travel in Amsterdam, and you would like some souvenir items to take home, then you may skip the tourist traps and purchase genuine Dutch designs and quality brands at a local store in “I Amsterdam Store” or “De Hallen” in Central Station.

You could also visit the so-called “The Nine Streets,” which connect the principal canals between Raadhuisstraat and Leidsegracht. In this area, you can find around 200+ shops, which include a good selection of vintage shops, boutiques, or specialty stores that sell various types of handmade cosmetics and designer dresses.

3. Experience the film, culture, and architecture in Amsterdam

The stunning architectural EYE building is the most iconic landmark since it was opened in 2012. It dominates the view from the southern banks of IJ behind the Central Station. EYE Film museum has a permanent exhibition spot that showcases contemporary and retrospective exhibits, including huge film library/cinema and wonderful restaurant bars with a terrace overlooking a water view.

4. Search for rare things at the biggest market in Europe

If you are fond of bargain-hunting and sprawling some industrial warehouses, then find time to visit IJ-Hallen. IJ-Hallen is one of the great markets that you can find on the continent. To get there, you may opt to ride a ferry from harbour behind the Central Station to NDSM-yard. From there, you will just have a 5-minute walk going to the market.

Once you get to the market, you can browse various stands which can be found along sidewalks. You can surely pick some perfect home furnishings, antiques, and a wide collection of vintage clothing.

5. Drink in the bird’s eye view from the rooftop bar

Amsterdam offers chic rooftop bars where you can hang out with your friends and loved ones. As travellers, you should not overlook visiting this place, especially if you want to have some relaxing moments with your companions. A panoramic view from the rooftop is best to be seen from the 21st floor in the QO hotel.

These are just the top 5 things that you can do once you visit Amsterdam. There are still some other things and activities which you may opt to do for a better relaxation, fun, and thrilling experience.

Stunning Places to Visit by Gay Travellers

There are several places in Gay Amsterdam that are interesting for gay travellers. As gay travellers, you can have fun and mingle with many locals since they are also friendly and accommodating. For more information about gay Amsterdam including gay bars and clubs, you take a glimpse at the list below:

Sex Shows Gay Amsterdam

For gat travellers who may not want to hire a guide but still want the prominent thrill of activity in the city, then it is a perfect option to visit some live shows and strip clubs of Gay Amsterdam. In these establishments, visitors need to pay an entrance fee so that they can watch the stage shows. However, you need to make sure to bring your wallet along with you since the cost for entertainment will never be cheap.

Swingers Club Gay Amsterdam

If you’re with your partner and looking for some things to expand boundaries, it is good to visit some swingers’ clubs in Amsterdam. These clubs ask an entrance fee depending on whether you are a single or a couple. They will also offer a certain place for you where you can engage in exciting adult activities.

Amsterdam’s Gay Sex Clubs

There are lots of venues for gays in Amsterdam who are looking for fun in the city. These establishments offer gay saunas and the likes where some like-minded guys could engage. You could also hire some professional partners whom you can go along with during your stay there.

So far, Thermos, which is situated at the Raamstraat 33, is one of the well-established saunas for gays in Amsterdam. Thermos has sauna facilities and traditional spas, including some adult offerings.

Moreover, Boys Club 21 offers paid services which can be found at the centre of the city. This club has a wide range of good selections of professional guys, including themed rooms for hire.

gay amsterdam canals
gay amsterdam houses

“There are numerous things which you can do in Gay Amsterdam despite any weather conditions. Lots of rewarding experiences of the gay scene may take place in the tourist places of the heart of Amsterdam.”

Amsterdam’s Best Hotels for Gay Travellers

If you’re from another country, you better look for the best accommodation within the city centre of Amsterdam. In this way, you can access almost every tourist destination of Amsterdam within walking distance. It is also important to consider the best hotels for gay travellers in Amsterdam. For sure, you will not find it difficult to find the perfect hotel accommodations for you since there are numerous gay-friendly hotels and gay hotels that are suitable for your tastes and preferences.

Some of the best hotels which yhttps://hotelsforgays.com/all-hotels/ou may opt for once you stay in the city centre of Amsterdam are the following:

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre

The prominent Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre is a perfect avenue for gay travellers since this is situated at the centre of Amsterdam. It offers more than 200 luxurious guest rooms with complete facilities and amenities. Some amenities you could experience include free Wi-Fi, coffee & tea makers, satellite TV, minibar, safe, and private bathroom. You can have dinner at its neighbouring restaurant, and the bill may be charged to your hotel account.

This is a nice hotel accommodation for gay travellers since you can easily access gay venues nearby. In fact, Central Station is just a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Various types of restaurants and shops, including gay cruise clubs and Sauna Nieuwezijds, are just within a few minutes’ walking distances from this place.

Park Plaza Victoria Hotel

The Park Plaza Victoria Hotel is situated at the centre of Amsterdam, just a few minutes’ walk from the trams, restaurants or shops, canal boat, and from Central Station. The EAGLE Amsterdam and The Web are just some gay cruise bars that can be found around Warmoesstraat.

When it comes to its room accommodations, you will never feel disappointed since some guest rooms have a modern design. There are also some classically themed superior rooms at the original building. All these rooms have free Wi-Fi and are air-conditioned. Some of the best features of this hotel include the availability of bars, restaurants, sauna, swimming pool, and hot pool/jacuzzi.

Hotel CC

Hotel CC in Amsterdam is just adjacent to gay nightlife in Warmoesstraat, Dam Square, Central Railway Station, and various gay bars, shops, and restaurants. The small guest room in this hotel features air conditioning, a safe, flat-screen television, spacious showers, free Wi-Fi, and coffee & tea-making facilities.


RHO Hotel

Another gay-friendly hotel in Amsterdam that you may consider is the RHO Hotel. It is housed in an art deco ex-bank building and just a few steps away from Dam Square. A perfect value of this hotel offers comfortable and well-spacious rooms containing high ceilings, safe, minibar, satellite TV, and free Wi-Fi.

This hotel is also surrounded by a wide array of shops and restaurants. So, you will never get bored since you have the option to roam around the place for shopping. If you wish to find a perfect speciality food in the city, then some high-class restaurants are also available there. In addition to that, you can have great convenience when staying in this gay-friendly hotel in Amsterdam since it is only situated between the 2 core scenes of the city.

Ibis Amsterdam Centre

Ibis Amsterdam Centre is conveniently situated next to Central Station. It only takes 10 minutes walking from major sights of Amsterdam including Dam Square. This hotel offers non-smoking rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, and a flat-screen television.

In the contemporary breakfast room, there’s an available breakfast that is being served every day. You don’t have to worry about food and other relaxing places since it offers bars and restaurants onsite. Another good thing about this hotel is that it provides reception that is available 24/7, and a vending machine where you could have snacks and drinks anytime.

Other hotel for gays

These gay-friendly hotels in Amsterdam are just some lucrative and best places where gay travellers can stay during their visit. These hotels are highly recommended for you as travellers since these can be found within the main attractions of gay Amsterdam. With this, you can easily go and visit other major sights of Amsterdam.

Visiting the city of Amsterdam is a nice idea, especially if you would like to be relaxed and enjoy while having a vacation. This is conveniently perfect as you go along with your friends and loved ones. Try to explore gay Amsterdam and experience the exquisiteness of Amsterdam.