I’ve been to a lot of places in Spain for a one-month holiday. But, one of the best places that I love the most is Sitges. Not for nothing it is one of the most popular gay destinations in Europe. I will show you my last-minute gay travel to Sitges in this Gay Sitges Guide. So, check this out!

About gay Sitges

Sitges is a charming and striking coastal city located in Costa Brava in Spain. It is only a thirty-minute train ride from Barcelona city and offers the best gay-friendly beaches in the country. Now a place for many renowned artists, it is notorious as a gay travel destination. In fact, it is termed the best gay capital of Europe, together with Mykonos.

Walking around the town, you will see lots of gay-friendly restaurants, shops, and many gay bars. What I love the most is that the gay activity and gay scene are open here. I was able to show my personality at Sitges without worrying about being caught. These bars are not found in streets, hidden for the main street. These bars take up almost the whole town center.

my last minute gay trip to gay sitges church
Illuminated church of Sitges with deep blue sky in the evening

During my tour in this area, I see a lot of same-sex partners holding hands while working wherever I look. I also see a lot of gay stores and a boutique selling all valuable items like novelty Lady Gaga vests and Andrew Christian briefs.

The reputation of Sitges as the best gay travel destination is entrenched in Spain and further. The residents are extremely welcoming too.  For gay partners or travelers planning to visit this place, public displays of affection could be a minefield. Based on my experience, there are only a few travel destinations in different parts of the globe where gay members feel at ease and comfortable showing public displays of affection. On the other hand, you will feel as easy as it is likely to be in Sitges.

How Gay Sitges Is?

This place is leading the pack when it comes to outlooks and positions towards the gay community. While Spain is one of the gayest nations all over the globe, being the first place in the globe to legalize gay marriage way back in the year 2005, this town is able to manage to set itself apart from the rest for many exceptional reasons.

Aside from having a massive gay scene, all the residents or locals are very gay-friendly. Even if they have much of an option, yearly, they get a gay invasion with many gay visitors flocking to Sitges, especially during the hot season, particularly during June with the Sitges Pride is celebrated, and during the month of September when the town celebrates the Bear Week. I also love the nightlife scene in the region of Parrots and the famous street of Carrer de Joan Tarrida.

my last minute gay trip to gay sitges rainbow
Gay flags are quite common to find on buildinds in Sitges.

My Sitges Gay Beach Experience

You will find a lot of gay-friendly beaches in Sitges. You will be welcomed by the Mediterranean sun. You will want to maximize this experience.  You will find superb and stunning beaches along the shoreline, and it will not be so hard to look for the rainbow flag. Gay beach at Sitges is situated in the area’s major hub, with the renowned Hotel Calipolis in the backdrop.

Maybe, you are asking what to look forward to at the Sitges bay beach? You can soak up under the sun, do refreshing dive, or see the hunks showing off their beautiful abs. Gay beaches make for an enjoyable lead up to your night on Sitges. Because this place is just small, you will begin realizing the same faces. You will unavoidably develop a vacation crush, and there is an opportunity that you will meet the possible love of your life in the gay bars and clubs afterward.

The Many Things to Do in Sitges

There are a lot of things to do in this small but fantastic place. I suggest checking out Museu del Cau Ferrat. This is a fantastic museum developed way back in the year 1890 by Santiago Rusinol, a Modernist artist. Situated on the waterfront, it houses a lot of striking and amazing works of art as well as ephemera which include the several ancient remnants he gathered and collected.

During my stroll around the heart of the town, I see picturesque antique stores, and delis. As I stated above, you will also find a lot of different gay novelty clothes. Oh, by the way, my partner spends thousands of dollars here due to the uniqueness of the products; they are also high quality and remarkable, most especially the souvenirs. Gay novelty items are really exceptional and a must-try product.

Sitges is not precisely filled with educational attractions and landmarks. Barcelona is the best place to visit if that is what you are searching for. I discovered that a lot of people visit this place to flee from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and take pleasure in the sun. Sitges is a place for wealthy Americans and Europeans to unwind, relax as well as have a party.

“One of the best places that I love the most is Sitges. Not for nothing it is one of the most popular gay destinations in Europe. ”

Luxury Hotels in Sitges: My Suggestions

Sitges is quite small compared to Barcelona, but it has a few superb lavish hotels as well. However, what I discovered on my last-minute Sitges travel is that hotels are likely to be smaller boutique properties. Of course, one of my preferred hotels in this place is the MIM Sitges Boutique and Spa. What I love about this hotel is the charming pool and rooftop bar. The rooftop is our favorite place as it is very romantic. I was able to see the whole place while drinking our preferred drinks.

There are almost seventy-seven rooms in this hotel and a chic and fashionable spa. I struggle to look for stylish accommodation in this area than MIM. I highly recommend this hotel due to the amazing service and all the staff is friendly and very welcoming.

Another one of my favorite accommodations in this town is the Hotel Gallipolis. This is a big gay-friendly hotel. You shouldn’t miss this hotel; it is a big accommodation with overlooking of the gay beach. One of my favorite places in the hotel is the Bar Del Mar.

Each time I want to unwind or meet some new friends, I go to this place. Here, you will find the most excellent terrace in the whole area with its grand and amazing view of the public walk as well as the sea. Oh, I forget to tell you about the tapas menu, which is very tasty and excellent.

For other gay-friendly hotels in Sitges you can check this page.

The Best Places to Dine and Wine in Sitges

I love the food in Sitges. In fact, I was able to gain a few pounds during my last-minute gay trip to Sitges. One of my preferred ones is the Fragata. This is an extremely popular food establishment in the center of Sitges, offering classic Mediterranean cuisine. Usually, it is busy, so booking ahead of time is highly recommended. Fragata is quite expensive, but it is worthwhile if you like something a little bit more expensive.

Another restaurant I want to recommend to everyone is La Salseta. This is also one of the most sought-after and visited restaurants that offer classic Catalan cuisine. You are able to go for a bit more exotic foods here, including the pork feet and octopus. If you think that is too much, my advice is to choose the paella.

El Bixto is also a perfect option if you are searching for a laid-back one. The Russian salad and patatas bravas are divine. The gay sight is only around the corner if you are done eating.

Gay Scene at Sitges

How gay is Sitges? One can argue that it’s Europe’s gay capital, most especially during the months of May to September. A lot of gusts flocking into the area at this time of year are gay; straight men and women begin to appear as an alternative demographic.

You don’t have to fret if you are worried about the gay scene encroaching on ageism. You will see a wide variety of age groups, and neither do you need perfect abs. Are you ready for a drink? Then visit Parrots Pub located on Placa Industria. I love this bar, one of the strangers told me that this bar is something of the town’s institution. Also, it has a restaurant and hotel situated on the neighboring street.

Across the road from the very popular Parrots Pub, you will be able to see the Central Bar. These two gay-friendly bars have wide terraces, so you will be looking straight at the customers on the freeway as you sip; chairs here are deliberately turned to face the neighboring terrace. The hot bartenders knit their way in both terraces, accepting liquor orders and wearing skimpy pants.

When the sun goes down, you might get yourself bar and club hopping. Up the highway from Parrots Pub, you will see the popular El Horno; this is a most visited gay-friendly bar which opens onto the street of Joan Tarrida, a gay street. You will also find the XXL, which is directly opposite together with the other late-night establishments.

What I assured everyone is that the nightlife in this place is really exceptional and lots of fun. And that is for sure. If you do not want to keep out to late, you are able to take pleasure in a civilized meal, see the world go by, and then go back to your accommodation. The whole thing is just a walking distance in this place.

Waking up in the morning with the expected hangover, you must haul yourself to the nearby beach and take a swim in the clear water, and before long, you will be ready to drink or party again.

Sitges Pride

This is one of the reasons why I will come back to this place. Sitges Pride is indeed pretty awesome. I guarantee you that it will be your busiest time during your tour or vacation in this place. It is the perfect place to be, even if you ask other gay travelers in the area. I love the foam parties; while some take pleasure in pool parties and boat parties, there are also live shows that are very spectacular and after-parties as well, as all the clubs are packed with clients ready to have fun and excitement.

Cheerful people wearing costumes during the gay pride in Sitges,

To Sum Up Gay Sitges

If you want to be alone or don’t want a big crowd and loud parties, you don’t have to worry as Sitges is still active for the rest of the hot season. It is indeed the best, most inclusive as well as fun place in Spain and all over Europe, and that is true. For first-timers out there, I assure you that you will want to return to this place over and over again for some fun and excitement.

I hope that my latest gay travel to Sitges can help you decide if this is the best place to go on your next holiday with or without partner. My advice is to plan ahead of time to make your tour memorable.