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About Hotels for Gays

The story behind this site

Personally, we travel a lot both within and outside Europe. When we try to find a hotel, we always look for three things:

1. What is the location of the hotel?
We look at how well the hotel is in relation to attractions such as the proximity to gay venues. When we travel, not only we want to explore the destination, but we also want to get acquainted with the local gay scene.

2. What is the quality of the hotel?
By this we mean what does a hotel like, how clean the rooms, the facilities, the hotel and the hotel will be reviewed by other guests.

3. How gay friendly is a hotel?
We try to assess the tolerance of the hotel. We feel like at home in a hotel and like to be treated with respect. For this it is in our view important that the staff accepts homosexuality and respects it.

In hotels you'll find we have tried as much as possible to look at these criteria on this website. We prefer hotels that meet all criteria. At the hotels can therefore symbols Gay Location (☉), Gay Standards (☑) and Gay Friendly (☮). This concerns our review of the hotel.